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  • no license|I don't know the license for this file
  • Homebrew
    • homebrew-icon|This is the icon of a homebrew application
    • homebrew-screenshot|This is a screenshot of a homebrew application
  • Own work
    • self|cc-by-3.0|I am the original creator. I license this under CC-BY 3.0
    • self|cc-by-sa-3.0|I am the original creator. I license this under CC-BY-SA 3.0
    • self|PD|I am the original creator. I release this file to the Public Domain
    • self|I am the original creator. This file may only be used on WikiTemp
  • Creative Commons
    • cc-by-3.0|This work is available under CC-BY-3.0
    • cc-by-sa-3.0|This work is available under CC-BY-SA-3.0
  • Other
    • PD|This work belongs to the Public Domain
    • screenshot|This is a screenshot of an Application or Website