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The Administrators are the owner of GBAtemp, its domain name, its servers, and everything related to it. They make the biggest decisions and do technical work (server administration, domain management, design, coding...).


The Supervisors have access to the Admin control panel of the board (GBAtemp Forum). They mainly moderate the board, but are also involved in the major decisions concerning GBAtemp.

Global Moderators

The Global Moderators moderate all the forums on GBAtemp.


The Moderators, also known as Forum Moderators or Local Moderators, moderate categories or individual forums on GBAtemp.

Magazine Staff

The Magazine Staff are a special group of people who are allowed to post news. They share a private forum with the rest of the staff, but do not have access to the main Staff Forum.


Technicians are members who have total control over the board and servers, but hold none of the responsibilities that moderators do. When something goes wrong with the board, these guys are usually the ones that fix it.

IRC Staff

The IRC Staffers are a group of people who moderate the IRC channels linked to GBAtemp. They share a private forum with the rest of the staff to discuss problems in the channel and alert the moderators with problems in the forums.

For more information on the members, read the IRC Staff members page.

Former Staff

The Former Staffers are members who used to be active Staff Members. For different reasons, they became inactive and were thus moved into this group. They still have access to the main Staff Forum, and have moderating powers, but are free of any responsibility.

For more information about the Former Staff members, read the Former Staff members page.


The people in the group called Members are those who have posted at least 100 messages on the forums.
This group has special rights over the Newcomers: they can access and use the Trading Forum.


The Newcomers are people who have posted less than 100 messages on the forums.
They are not allowed to use the Trading Forum, unlike the Members.


The Validating member group is made of people who have registered, but haven't validated their account.
When you register on GBAtemp, an e-mail is automatically sent to your e-mail address to make sure that the e-mail address you've entered is valid and belongs to you. If you do not receive the e-mail, then you cannot validate your account and you then stay in the Validating member group. Like the Guests, this group has very few rights.


The Guests isn't a member group. It is actually the fact not to have any member group at all.
Simple visitors who are not logged in are considered as Guests. Since GBAtemp is a community, and values its members above all, the Guests are not authorized to post messages, and can't view some forums.


When you are Suspended, you are no longer allowed to post on the forums, and do not have access to some forums.
Members breaking the rules after several warnings are suspended. Suspensions are in general temporary.


You may be banned for several reasons:

  • If you keep breaking the rules after a temporary suspension.
  • If you spam the board
  • If you consider or commit ill-intended actions against GBAtemp or its members
  • By mistake! If you are unfortunately in the same IP range as a spam bot. In that case, contact one of the Administrators.
  • For mysterious reasons that the Staff wishes to keep confidential!

Keep this in mind: Having access to a forum is not a right, it is a privilege.