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Not to be confused with Member Ranks.
Member Groups
 Administrators  AdministratorsSupervisors
 Moderators  Global ModeratorsModerators
 Magazine Staff  Editor in ChiefReviewersReporters
 Other Staff  Former IRC Staff
Podcast Crew
 Members  MembersNewcomersValidatingContent Managers
 Infractions  SuspendedBanned!Blacklisted Traders
 Other  Guests

These are the various groups you may find on the Forums. Some groups (Admins, Moderators and Magazine Staff) are "stacked" upon eachother, meaning that the higher group has all of the abilities the lower group has.



Administrators are groups that have access to the Administration Control Panel. From this panel, they can manage most of the site's configurations. These groups are mainly responsible for making big site-wide decisions and maintaining the site in general. They can also help with things that Global Moderators cannot do, like changing user names, deleting accounts, granting early trading forum access, etc.


(Stacked on Supervisors)
The Administrators are the owners of GBAtemp (and the other GBAtemp network sites), its servers, and everything else related to it. They make the biggest decisions and do technical work (server administration, domain management, design, coding...).


(Stacked on Global Moderators)
As the name implies, the members of the Supervisors group will supervise the other staff members (except Administrators). They generally do whatever Global Moderators are unable to do (Name changes, Board Configurations), but may do some moderating from time to time as well. If members have a problem with another staff member, they should contact a Supervisor.


Moderators are responsible for keeping the forums clean and friendly. They have the ability to manage the posts and topics of other members in order to fulfill this task.

Global Moderators

(Stacked on Moderators)
Global Moderators are able to use Moderating abilities on all forums they can access. They also have some other additional rights over Moderators, like the ability to do IP checks, and to edit the settings of other members. Global Moderators are more experienced than normal Moderators, and help them out if needed. They act when they are active, rather than when no Moderators are available.


(Stacked on Reporters)
The Moderators, also known as Forum Moderators or Local Moderators, keep the forum clean from Spam, flaming, .... In order to do this, they have been given additional rights on the forums. Their abilities include Editing or Removing other people's posts, and Locking or Removing topics. They can also Move, Merge or split topics and promote the "best" topics to Stickies. Besides that, they also have access to the Report Center, where all reports made by members go.

Content Staff

The Content Staff specializes in providing unique content on the web site. They are divided in Reviewers and News Reporters, who both provide their own content independently. All of the content is posted directly to the GBAtemp home page. While these groups have limited moderating abilities on the forums, it is not their main focus to moderate the forums in the same way the Moderators do.

Editor in Chief

(Stacked on Reviewers - Equal to Supervisor Level)
The Editor in Chief is the highest ranked Content Staff member. He/She decides what news is posted and it what format. When new content staffers need to be recruited, the Editor in Chief will get the final say.


(Stacked on Reporters - Equal to Global Moderator Level)
These members are the people who write the majority of the reviews for the GBAtemp Review Center. They occasionally help out with other tasks as well if needed.


The Reporters are a special group of people who are allowed to post news directly to the front page. They share a private forum with the rest of the staff, but do not have access to the main Staff Forum. They can moderate all forums from the GBAtemp Magazine section, but do not handle reports from this section (as they do not have access to the Report Center).

Other Staff

Former Staff

Main Article: Former Staff members.

The Former Staffers are members who used to be active Staff Members. For different reasons, they became inactive and were thus moved into this group. They still have access to the main Staff Forum, and can have moderating (or even administrating) powers, but are free of any responsibility. IRC Staff

Main Article: IRC Staff members.

The members of the #GBAtemp IRC Staff are people who have Operator rights in the channel on the GBAtemp IRC network, but do not have any other Staff rights on the Forum.

Podcast Crew

The Podcast Crew is responsible for creating the GBAtemp podcast (called Tempcast).




The people in the group called Members are those who have posted at least 100 messages on the forums.
This group has some special rights over the Newcomers: they can access and use the Trading Forum and Shoutbox, get a bigger PM box, and can sign up to more competitions.


The Newcomers are people who have posted less than 100 messages on the forums. They will remain in this group until 100 posts are reached, regardless of how long they have been on the forum. (Note: An Administrator can change the group manually on occasions)
They are not allowed to use the Trading Forum, unlike the Members.


The Validating member group is made of people who have registered, but haven't validated their account.
When you register on GBAtemp, an e-mail is automatically sent to your e-mail address to make sure that the e-mail address you've entered is valid and belongs to you. If you do not receive the e-mail, then you cannot validate your account and you then stay in the Validating member group (Note: An Administrator can manually validate members if needed). Like the Guests, this group has very few rights.

Content Managers

Content Managers are people who help the GBAtemp staff by maintaining the topics and posts on the forums. They have limited moderating abilities, like pinning topics, editing topic titles, editing posts, ... They can not manage reports and are not considered part of the Staff. They cannot access the staff forums.



When you are Suspended, you are no longer allowed to post on the forums, and do not have access to some forums.
Members breaking the rules after several warnings are suspended. Suspensions are usually temporary, as bans are used instead of permanent suspensions.


You may be banned for several reasons:

  • If you keep breaking the rules after a temporary suspension.
  • If you spam the board
  • If you consider or commit ill-intended actions against GBAtemp or its members
  • By mistake! If you are unfortunately in the same IP range as a spam bot. In that case, contact one of the Administrators.
  • For mysterious reasons that the Staff wishes to keep confidential!

Keep this in mind: Having access to a forum is not a right, it is a privilege.

Blacklisted Traders

People in this group are members (>100 posts) that have misbehaved in the Trading Forum, and are now locked out of these forums. Members usually don't land in this group, they get banned instead.



Guests isn't a member group, it is actually the fact not to have any member group at all.
Simple visitors who are not logged in are considered as Guests. Since GBAtemp is a community, and values its members above all, the Guests are not authorized to post messages, and can't view some forums.