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monaug5's entry for the How much do you love GBAtemp? competition.

The GBATEMP Poem/Rap

I great Place for all round news,
GBATemp gets rid of my blues
whether its reading reviews
or listening to video game news.

I favour this site among the rest
with GBATEMP their is no contest
Whether your from the UK or Timbuktu
GBATEMP has news and reviews that aids you.

Opium, Costello and many more GBATEMP Staff we all adore
their skills more noticeable than a lions roar
As days Fly past
updates and downloads coming in fast.
Perfection of another class.

To me they are bigger than MicroSoft but silent and swift like ninjas
But the quality thats produced never hinders

Keep on revolutionizing GBATEMP because your a godsend
You never know what glories ahead.

GBATEMP are the revolution before the Wii
They are within the hearts of you and ME

The Futures Bright
The Future's Gaming
Whats ever you do keep on playing!