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This is a list of games that works with the Wii Motion Plus accessory on the Nintendo Wii.

Special note

Just a note, to make it clear: there is no specific / special IOS / mIOS / cIOS needed to use the Motion+ add-on.

Adding to the list

Please, use the VM+ template to fill the table, as follows:

{{WM+|Game|Optional|EU,US, JP|FPS|Displays a note to attatch the Motion+}}

Will show:

Game Optional EU,US,JP FPS Displays a note to attatch the Motion+




Basically, They'll follow the the these criterias:

  • The ones that demands it (mandatory);
  • The ones that can be played with it.

The ones that can be played with will be divided on two sub-classes:

  • The optional games;
  • And the required ones.

They are to be understood like this:

  • Optional: These are the games that you can play without the Motion+, but the gameplay gets really improved with it. Example: Virtua Tennis 2009;
  • Required: These are the games that although you can play without the Motion+, they are just not enjoyable at all without it. Example: Grand Slam Tennis;
  • Mandatory: These are the games that you cannot play withou the Motion+ at all. Example: Wii Sports Resort.

There will be also the Pending class, that will be for games that there aren't enough info about.

What this list will cover

It will also only feature released games (yeah, dumped ones) so it will be a little easier to follow. Try to add the game genre and try keep it as simple and intuitive possible. By this, classify a "tennis" game as "tennis", not "sports". Also, try adding the regions the games were released.

Motion Plus compatibility list

Game Title Support Region(s) released Genre Notes
Grand Slam Tennis Required EU,US Tennis
Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 10 Optional EU,US Golf
Virtua Tennis 2009 Optional EU,US Tennis
Wii Sports Resort Mandatory EU,US,JP Sports
Nihon Yakyuu Kikou Shounin Batting Revolution Optional JP Baseball