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Nevin007's entry for the How much do you love GBAtemp? competition.


One night I had a dream that I was sitting near my computer screen. I clicked on my Favorites and could tell it was old for GBAtemp was still there in bold. I said to myself it’s been more than a year, I wonder if this site can still give me some cheer. I then had to blink twice for what did I see, GBAtemp had become a thriving community! No longer just a forum with various posts but a place where friends meet and much more to boast. A vision of Opium appeared on my screen, I rubbed my eyes to see if this was a dream. Welcome back he said with a smile, you haven’t been here in quite awhile. Things have changed and many things are new, but we have never forgotten you. A tear came to my eye and I said how could this be, GBAtemp, haven’t I abandoned thee? Ah! He replied, but you will find that GBAtemp is still in your mind. For though you moved on to some things new, the friends you made here have always stayed with you. No matter the distance nor time, friendship is not something easily forgotten you’ll find. Then onto the screen with a frivolous roar Dirtie appeared with TPi, tshu and more. Come, we will show you the site and you can make new friends like HelloKitty, Costello and Mthrnite. It’s been a few years now it seems, but nothings been more real to me than that dream. I now visit whenever I have time and on this Valentines Day I ask, GBAtemp will you be mine? I will always love GBAtemp I will, my name is Nevin007, I have a license to kill.