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(Special Edition Wii Games: Corrected Just Dance 2 BBE song from "Sweat Invaders" to "Funkytown (cover)")
(Radiant Dawn bugfixes)
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{{NEG+|Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn|NTSC|1.00|1.01|Unknown|Unknown}}
{{NEG+|Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn|NTSC|1.00|1.01|Fixed crash when trying to import a Path of Radiance GC easy save |Unknown}}
{{NEG+|Game Party|NTSC|1.00|1.01|Unknown|Unknown}}
{{NEG+|Game Party|NTSC|1.00|1.01|Unknown|Unknown}}
{{NEG+|Guitar Hero III|All|1.00|1.01|Output was not stereo/Dolby Pro Logic II, only mono|Unknown}}
{{NEG+|Guitar Hero III|All|1.00|1.01|Output was not stereo/Dolby Pro Logic II, only mono|Unknown}}

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This is a list of games that got a new edition on the Nintendo Wii

Bugfixed Wii Games

Game Title Region Original Version New Version Bugfixes Notes
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn NTSC 1.00 1.01 Fixed crash when trying to import a Path of Radiance GC easy save Unknown
Game Party NTSC 1.00 1.01 Unknown Unknown
Guitar Hero III All 1.00 1.01 Output was not stereo/Dolby Pro Logic II, only mono Unknown
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess NTSC 1.01 1.02 Fixed cannon room and Eldin bridge bug. Quite late in the game, you come to a room with a big cannon in it. You'll know it when you see it. It's not at snowpeak. If you save the game in this room and restart there, you become stuck and can never leave the room. After you cross the bridge of Eldin (after the Goron Dungeon). If you save in the area with the bridge you can also get stuck. Disc replaced by Nintendo.
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga NTSC 1.00 1.01 Fixes controller problems New cheats unlocked: CLZ738 (Force Grapple Leap), PMN576 (General Grevious Imperial Shuttle), EVILR2 (R2-Q5 Droid)
Mario Party 8 NTSC 1.00 1.02 Unknown Unknown
New Super Mario Bros. Wii NTSC 1.00 1.02 Updates savefile writing/reading code. Makes the bottom of W7 boss tileset solid so you can't go under that platform. Unknown
Super Paper Mario PAL 1.00 1.1 There was a crash if you talked to mimi 2 times before collecting a key in another room. Disc replaced by Nintendo.
Super Smash Bros Brawl NTSC 1.00 1.02 Some people with early wii's had trouble reading the disc Unknown
Wii Fit NTSC 1.00 1.01 Unknown Unknown
Wii Play NTSC 1.00 1.01 Unknown Unknown
Wii Sports PAL 1.00 1.1 Unknown New intro for baseball
Wii Sports Resort All 1.00 1.01 Unknown Unknown

Special Edition Wii Games

Game Title Region Original Disc-ID New Disc-ID Name of the Edition Special Edition details
Bakugan Battle Brawlers NTSC-U RUHE52 RUHX52 Toys-R-Us Edition Bonus Ravenoid & Manion in-game
Just Dance 2 NTSC-U SD2E41 SD2Y41 Best Buy Edition Exclusive songs: Jai Ho! (Your Are My Destiny), Should I Stay or Should I Go, Funkytown (cover)
Just Dance 3 NTSC-U SJDE41 SJDY41 Best Buy Exclusive Edition Includes two exclusive #1 smash hit bonus tracks by Katy Perry: "E.T." and "Teenage Dream"
Just Dance 3 NTSC-U SJDE41 SJDZ41 Target Exclusive Edition 2 Bonus Tracks: Rihanna - "Only Girl (in the World)" and B.o.B. featuring Haley Williams - "Airplanes"
The Last Airbender NTSC-U SLAE78 SLAZ78 ToysRUs Special Edition 2 exclusive battle arenas, player vs. player combat
Marvel Super Hero Squad NTSC-U R38E78 R38X78 Walmart Edition Unlockable Spiderman "Black Suit" and Captain America "US Agent" in-game characters
Michael Jackson: The Experience NTSC-U SMOE41 SMOX41 Walmart Edition Exclusive Bonus Track "Another Part of Me", and box includes Special Edition Glove
The Princess and the Frog NTSC-U RU5E4Q RU5Y4Q Riverboat Jazz Edition Includes bonus music game
Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip NTSC-U RDFE41 RW7E41 Target Limited Edition extra Target Mountain, virtual Target Chalet, additional jibs & scenes
Toy Story 3 NTSC-U STSE4Q STSZ4Q Toy Box Special Edition extended story mode levels, customized theme packs, extra toys and items for Toy Box Mode
Tron: Evolution - Battle Grids NTSC-U STRE4Q STRX4Q Championship Edition Only in the Championship Edition: Ride the 3-Wheeled Out Runner Vehicle