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AKA: NinjaPass, X9, Ninja X9.
Manufactured by: NinjaPass


The EZ-Flash V is the EZTeam’s answer to the call of slot-1 flashcards. It supports simple drag & drop functionality as well as a unique hybrid system.


  • Interchangable casings
  • Usable on virtually any current operating system
  • Drag and drop clean ROMs
  • Multiple saves per game
  • Great homebrew support
  • An official English web forum

GBAtemp Review

NinjaPass X9 GBAtemp Review

Excerpt: "My overall impression of the NinjaPass X9, as of the time of this writing, is that this product is still within a beta testing process due to its unfinished feel. The GUI is grossly dated. Having to create your own save files everytime is inconvenient. ROM compatibility is good, but still pales in comparison to its slot-2 competitors."


ROM Compatibility

link to chart

Homebrew Compatibility

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Useful Links

GBAtemp NinjaPass X9 Forums