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AKA: Ninja DS , NinjaDS.<BR>
Manufactured by: [ NinjaDS]
[[Image:Ninjads-box.jpg|Ninja DS|right]]
== General ==
:The NinjaDS is one of the many announced "new generation" flash kit solutions for the Nintendo DS. What's the difference? The new generation use only the DS card slot on your Nintendo DS/DS Lite, they no longer use the GBA slot; which is left completely free. This leaves the slot free for peripherals like the DS rumble pack and RAM expansion cart.
=== Features ===
* slot-1 flashcard
* No Needed Flash NDS Or Included .DAT File In SD
* Compatible With Any GBA flashcart,Nf,Scard,M3,Etc..
* Supports Old/New NDS & NDS Lite
* SD Card Slot Bundled
* 2mbytes FlashROM
* Friendly & Easy Menu
* Homebrew/Backup Player & Development Tool
* Libraries for Developers Available
* SD Card MP3 Player
== GBAtemp Review ==
[ NinjaDS GBAtemp Review]
:Excerpt: ''"The Ninja DS is by no means a terrible product. It's hardly the most aesthetically pleasing product but this is due to the fact that it uses standard SD memory cards, large sizes of which (up to 2GB) can be purchased very cheap these days. The cards build quality is solid otherwise."''
=== Images ===
[[Image:Ninjads-1.jpg]] [[Image:Ninjads-2.jpg]] [[Image:Ninjads-3.jpg]]
[[Image:Ninjads-4.jpg]] [[Image:Ninjads-5.jpg]] [[Image:Ninjads-6.jpg]]
== Compatibility ==
=== ROM Compatibility ===
[ Rom Compatibility Chart]
=== Homebrew Compatibility ===
[[NDS Homebrew Compatibility List]]
== Useful Links ==
:[ GBAtemp Ninja DS Forums]
:[ Official Ninja DS Website]
[[Category:NDS Slot-1 Carts]]

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