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  • Name: OMalone
  • Description: "Board game for everyone" (with online mode).
  • Rating: Rating4.gif
  • Latest version: 2.2 on NDS, 1.2 on Windows
  • Author(s): Alx
  • URL: OMalone Homepage
  • Download: click here


Features :

  • Stunning graphics and sounds
  • 1-player game against the NDS
  • 2-player game on the same NDS
  • 2-player game online, through wifi connection
  • Up to 8 characters providing 8 different environments and different challenges
  • Integration of omalone's statistics in WFCStatus software
  • Windows version also available: Play online agains everyone !


  • Beat MrDario, and you'll unlock Vector.
  • Beat Vector and you'll unlock "Heel mode" !!!
  • Try the famous Konami's code while selecting tables and you'll see...
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