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OSW is an Australian member of GBAtemp. He is usually glad to lend a helping hand and loves being part of the gbatemp community. He is an amatuer at photoshop but is steadily improving. He is also is in the process of graduating from melbourne high school with the class of 2007 aspiring to gain entry to a acommerce degree at university in 2008. OSW is still 17 - not the legal age for many things yet ^_^ and is young compared to the average yr12 student. He currently wants a second (less scrattched) DS and loves the NDS homebrew community

  • Location: Melbourne
  • Occupation: High School Student - Graduating from Final year (12)
  • Loves: Manga & Anime, DS & GBA, Video Games, Sports (Tennis, Football (soccer), Rugby (League & Union), boxing and many more (mainly as a spectator, although i play soccer and tennis)
  • Email: [email protected]

My NDS equipment: NDS lite, Third Party NDS Battery, Ezflash4 deluxe, Ezpass, Supercard One v2, Acekard RPG, M3 Real, M3 Rumble exansion, Ewin Rumble Pack

Friend Codes: Coming soon!

Favourite NDS Games: Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!, Osu 2, Super Mario 64 DS, Prince of tennis: Crystal Drive, Picross DS, Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam, Flash Focus Vision Training.

As of Nov 17th 2007 OSW has 4.8 posts per day / 0.37% of total forum posts and is most active in "General Off-Topic Chat"

OSW has participated in these gbatemp contests/tournaments: How much do you love gbatemp?: No Mario Kart DS tournament 2007: Lost first round Clubhouse Games tournament 2007:

feel free to pm me/start a chat on irc or msn anytime! To my friends - take care of yourselves.

last updated 17th november 2007