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The Portal is where the Home Page and Dynamic Pages can be found, though most of the time the term Portal is used for the Home Page. It can always be accessed by clicking the "Home" button in the Navigation bar at the top, or by going to Just like the forums, the portal can be shown using different skins, although it will not work with the IPB Pro Skin.

Home Page ("Portal")

The home page is the first page you will see when coming to GBAtemp. It contains previews of the latest news, some useful links, latest discussions, (sometimes) a portal poll and the Shoutbox (members with >100 posts only).

Over the years, the it has gotten a few redesigns. The current design was made available on June 14, 2010. Members are able to customize the home page, or to completely go back to the old ones. The older home pages can be configured through the User Control Panel, while the newest version must be configured by clicking the Cog symbol on the top right.

Original Version

The original portal was a custom design made especially for GBAtemp. It was capable of listing the latest releases (back then for ROMs that were also hosted here) and the latest news. Every release got its own, separate box, so the page could get a big big at times.

2008 Redesign

On January 7 2009, the second version of the home page was introduced (It is called the 2008 design, as it was made in 2008). Unlike with the previous version, all releases were fitted in a single box, with the ability to change between consoles. It was also possible to customize the portal through the Control Panel from now on.

2010 Redesign

A third design of the portal was released on June 14 2010. The new layout was designed to fit more articles on less space, but also introduced new features, like the top 3 articles on the top and a like/dislike system. This new version can now be customized by clicking the Cog symbol to the right of the tabs on the top.

Dynamic Pages

See the article about Dynamic Pages

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