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prowler_ joined GBAtemp on the 14th of July 2009, his member number is 187778 and advises you to check 'em.

Stalkers start stalking here

prowler's real name is Dean, he lives in Preston, England and his birthday is June 16th.

While attending High School he has been excluded more than 20 times for swearing at teachers or just bad behavior in general. He got low grades in his GCSEs even though he could do them but he really does not give a fuck. He now attends college attending a course he hates and wishes to get an apprenticeship. He hates people and probably the people that are reading this (except for my friend list guys, HE LOVES YOU!)

Favourite TV shows

* Desperate Housewives
* Eastenders
* Glee
* Heroes
* Most things that air on BBC Three

Favourite Movies


Favourite Animu

* Baccano!
* Chaos;Head
* Nyan Koi!
* Summer Wars
* Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Favourite Games

* Phantasy Star Online
* Phantasy Star Zero
* Phantasy Star Portable 2
* Persona 4
* Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht
* Skies of Arcadia
* Bayonetta

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