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[[Psyfira]] is a member of GBAtemp.
== Background Information ==
Psyfira is a little tea-fuelled hypercritic who is currently wasting her life pressing copy-paste all day while looking for work in her chosen fields of back end web development or J2SE programming.
She has gained a reputation for her love of cheap tea [ (1)] [ (2)], and is interested in self-taught illustration. Her musical taste includes mainstream indie, rock, light metal, and anything made after 1990. She severely dislikes most 80s, folk music and kareoke, and spends a lot of time complaining about high bus fares.
== Console history ==
* One of those twisty-bat pong tennis things
* Atari ST
* Sega Game Gear
* Sony Playstation
* Game Boy Advance (Clear Blue)
* Nintendo DS Lite (Black)
* Playstation 2
* Game Boy Micro (Silver, they were out of blue :( )
* and the Neo Geo Pocket Colour she <strike>borrowed off her mum</strike> just inherited in a clearout, get in!
== Favourite games ==
Psyfira's genres of choice are puzzle, 3rd person action/adventure and platformers, which she regularly spouts creative streams of expletives at whilst playing.
* Final Fantasy VIII (PSX)
* Castlevania series (GBA/DS)
* Meteos (DS)
* Gods (Atari ST)
* Kirby series (GBA)
* Joust (multiplayer, Atari ST)
* Puzzle Bobble (multiplayer, PSX)
* Spider Solitaire (WindowsXP/ [ Herg's GBA homebrew])
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