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Psyfira is a member of GBAtemp.

Background Information

Psyfira is from North Kent, England, and lives in a group of towns that the local council like to pretend is a city. A Computer Science graduate from the University of Southampton, she is currently looking for work in her chosen fields of back end web development or J2SE programming.

She has gained a reputation for her love of cheap tea (1) (2), and is interested in self-taught illustration. Her musical taste includes mainstream indie, rock, light metal, and anything made after 1990. She severely dislikes most 80s, folk music and kareoke, and spends a lot of time complaining about high bus fares.

She would like to program for the GBA and NDS but her inability to stick with her own projects prevents her from learning how. The outcome of an elaborate bribery plot in which she will only allow herself to buy a slot-1 solution after she learns how to write programs for her EZFA is yet to be determined.

Personality and forum conduct

Psyfira visited the forum for several months before joining at the end of 2003. She was mostly inactive for 6 months until she began interacting with the off-topic community. Unfamilar with working in letterbox dimensions, her forum signatures normally comprise of a small, rough doodle.

Psyfira sees the flaws in things rather than the merits. In person this is a useful tool which makes her tolerant of others, able to coexist with almost anyone by internally identifying and accepting various personality traits in other people early on.

However, in the forum she tends to voice these observations, coming across as a judgemental, opinionated, hypercritical and somewhat hostile individual. She hopes that those on the recieving end take solace in the fact that she assesses herself in an equally harsh manner.

Console history

  • One of those twisty-bat pong tennis things
  • Atari ST
  • Sega Game Gear
  • Sony Playstation
  • Game Boy Advance (Clear Blue)
  • Nintendo DS Lite (Black)
  • and the Neo Geo Pocket Colour she borrowed off her mum.

Favourite games

Psyfira's genres of choice are puzzle, 3rd person action/adventure and platformers, which she regularly spouts creative streams of expletives at whilst playing.

  • Final Fantasy VIII (PSX)
  • Castlevania series (GBA/DS)
  • Meteos (DS)
  • Gods (Atari ST)
  • Kirby series (GBA)
  • Joust (multiplayer, Atari ST)
  • Puzzle Bobble (multiplayer, PSX)
  • Spider Solitaire (WindowsXP/ Herg's GBA homebrew)