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rambozotheclown is another "older" gamer, in the sense that he was playing video games before most of you damn kids were born.

Firmly a SEGA fanboy, his favourite ever console remains the Sega Saturn, closely followed by the Dreamcast.

He has a large, ever-expanding collection of original Saturn games & accessories (much to his wife's despair).

Very proud of never, ever having bought a Sony Plaything in any of it's guises.

Currently won over by Nintendo's innovation - very much in love with his DS, and very shortly to be purchasing a Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

Favourite Games : Nights Into Dreams (Saturn), Burning Rangers (Saturn), Resident Evil (DS)

Has no artistic/programming skills whatsoever (as proved in the Valentine's day competition lol)

Mad Nine Inch Nails fan

Currently preparing for mid life crisis!