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Steven Ye, is known online as ScuberSteve. He hates you, and you used to be able to find him on the IRC channel under the nicks ScuberS and BillyS, but he gave up on the failtemp irc server. He is currently being fixed by Deletable. He is a shit disturber who wants you to be annoyed and the least bit upset.


  • scubersteve
    • His first name on GBAtemp.
  • ScuberSteve
    • His name was re-Capitalized by Ace Gunman
  • ScuberS
    • The name he used on IRC because of the character limit on EFNet
  • ScrubberS
    • An alternate nick on IRC for when dickwads would take his nick.
  • BillyS
    • Some name that faggot Narin came up with
  • Vexsistential
    • A name I called myself for when I first returned and no one knew
  • TumbleDryLow
    • Because it's how I spin dat laundry
  • BeatriceTheGolden
    • In the end, no one will be left alive.


Actual Info

  • Steven is Canadian
  • Steven is Korean
  • Steven is in high school
  • Steven sucks dick
  • Steven doesn't have any STDs
  • Steven hates most of you
  • Steven hates his parents
  • Steven is doing alright

Internet Life

Steven hates you, and doesn't want to see you on the internet.

Personal Life

Steven gave up on getting his International Baccalaureate Diploma. He is now winning at life more than any other 16-year-old.

Owned Consoles

Steven currently owns

  • A Wii
  • A Gameboy Micro
  • A Gameboy Advance SP
  • A hingeless DS
  • A PSP
  • and your mom.

Favourite Games

Fuck you, he's playing Visual Novels now.