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This page is about the old ShopTemp V1. For the new ShopTemp, see
Type Online store
Registration Optional
Design by shaunj66
Status Closed Permanently
ShoptempV1.png was the official Shop partner of GBAtemp and the 3rd addition to the GBAtemp Network. It was officially opened on April 6th 2010[1].

It was created to be a stable income for the site as well as providing flashcarts and other products at decent prices, yet with good quality service. GBAtemp members were able to use Coupon codes to get reduced prices on various items in the Shop.

ShopTemp was the first shop to sell the SuperCard DSTWO flashcart (a few days before any other shop), at the lower price of 29.95 USD for the first 100 preorders.

A new subforum, as well as a Twitter account had been created for the ShopTemp. In the navigation bar, the "Guides" button was replaced by a "Shop" one, leading to ShopTemp.

The end of V1

On December 2nd 2010, ShopTemp was told to stop selling flashcarts[2]. Since the flashcarts provided the biggest income for the shop, it was forced to stop selling products altogether.

The site was used one more time for collecting the contact information of the winners from the Tempmas 2010 competition.


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