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Personal Life


I am Sop, known in real life as Daniel or Dan. I am a bit ' 'weird' ' and I have an obsession with fire.

School Life

I hate my school and my town. I am a troublemaker in class but I usually get B's and A's for assignments. I never listen in class and I am very shy. I hate my school because the people that go to it are idiots and the only gamers there are CodHeads. I'm particularly good in English, Science and Japenese although I fail when it comes to sport, I mean I can do sport but not when I'm under pressure by teachers or myself to get good grades. My favourite sport is Skateboarding although I like basketball, I started skateboarding when I was 10 and made quite a few friends because of that. Although at the moment I can't skateboard because I need some new shoes and bearings. I'm a very nice person although and I will not fight anyone for fear that I will hurt them. Oh and I also have an Italian heritage (mybe that explains why I love food so much) Er, I haven't got anything else to say so I guess It's.. ' ' 'Bio Time!!' ' '