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Supercard DSTwo Flashcard

Supercard DStwo - ds2skin packs


A '.ds2skin' pack is a multiskin package for the DStwo flashcard - developed by Stormwave

Each skins pack could contain a selection of graphics for each of the following 'Skins'
* plugin - this 'skin' is the one you first see once you have selected the flashcard from the DS/DSi menu
* eos - this 'skin' is the one you'll see once you selected to run a NDS game
* Loading - this is actually just a single screen that you see when you start up a NDS game etc
* NDS-GBA: this 'skin' is the one you see when you run the GBA emulator
* NDS-SFC: Similar to the GBA 'skin' but for the SNES emulator
* iReader: When using the 'iReader' application - this is the skin you would see
* RTM (or Real-Time-Menu): This one is the screen you see when you use the DSTwo 'Real Time Save' option

By using either his PC program or the DSTwo plugin homebrew (avaliable here), & selecting one of the packs (shown below)
the program will install all the 'skins' within it into the appropriate folders on the SD card

This Wiki contains a selection of 'ds2skin' files, of which most can be found @ this post

'.ds2skin' Files

Name Author .ds2skin plugin eos Loading NDS-GBA NDS-SNES RTMenu

Template:Ds2skin table Template:Ds2skin table Template:Ds2skin table


Stormwave ds2skin installer thread
DSTwo skin thread

When editing please use the following template format

skinname= the name of the skin e.g. 'Abstract Blue'
screen= Path to a suitable screenshot of the skin
author= The name of the skin maker
link= Path to the '.ds2skin' download
plugin=, eos=, loading=, gba=, snes= and/or rtm=
Type in anything (preferably 'Yes' or 'No') if the pack contains skin file for that particular skin
You MUST include all parts of the template - but you do not have to enter anything after the '=' if you don't have to