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SuperCard DSTWO Flashcard


A '.ds2skin' pack is a multiskin package for the DSTWO flashcard - developed by Stormwave
Each skin pack can contain a selection of graphics for each of the following 'Skins'
* plugin - this 'skin' is the one you first see once you have selected the flashcard from the DS/DSi menu
* eos - this 'skin' is the one you'll see once you selected to run a NDS game
* Loading - this is actually just a single screen that you see when you start up a NDS game etc
* NDS-GBA: this 'skin' is the one you see when you run the GBA emulator
* NDS-SNES: Similar to the GBA 'skin' but for the SNES emulator
* RTM (or Real-Time-Menu): This one is the screen you see when you use the DSTWO 'Real Time Save' option
* iReader: When using the 'iReader' application - this is the skin you would see
By using either his PC program or the DSTWO plugin homebrew (avaliable here) & selecting one of the packs (shown below) stored either on PC or SD card (depending on which program you use) - the program will install all the 'skins' within it into the appropriate folders on the SD card
(More information about the actual programs can be found here)
This Wiki contains a selection of 'ds2skin' files, of which most can be found @ this post

Information - Skin Files - External Links - Editing Wikipage FAQ - Credits

Skin Files

Installation of ds2skin files:

Download any of the files below & extract it to end up with a '.ds2skin' file
Place the '.ds2skin' file either:-
* Somewhere on your PC & use the PC program to install it to the SD card
* Store it in a folder called /_dstwo/skins/ on your DSTWO flashcard, and use the 'plugin' software to install it
Name Author .ds2skin plugin eos Loading NDS-GBA NDS-SNES RTMenu iReader
16BitZelda (Screenshot) Utsuho Reiuji .ds2skin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Abstract Blue (Screenshot) R4Liam .ds2skin Yes Yes Yes
Angel Beats (Screenshot) Darkway .ds2skin Yes Yes Yes
Barcellona FC (Screenshot) CannonFoddr .ds2skin Yes Yes Yes
BlinDedBlack (Screenshot) Chris77/VatoLoco /CannonFoddr .ds2skin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Blue Horse (Screenshot) Kuschel-Drow .ds2skin Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bluelights (Screenshot) coattails .ds2skin Yes Yes Yes
Circuit Nebula (Screenshot) viz .ds2skin Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chrono Trigger (Screenshot) Utsuho Reiuji .ds2skin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Default (Screenshot) Stormwave .ds2skin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Default Blue  Stormwave .ds2skin Yes Yes
Don't Panic (Screenshot) VatoLoco .ds2skin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ergo Proxy (Screenshot) Stormwave .ds2skin Yes Yes Yes
FireFlower (Screenshot) vernacular .ds2skin Yes Yes
Hyrulian (Screenshot) vernacular .ds2skin Yes Yes
iDSTwo (Screenshot) coattails .ds2skin Yes Yes Yes
Julia (Screenshot) Stormwave .ds2skin Yes Yes Yes
Lucario (Screenshot) A Gay Little Cat Boy .ds2skin Yes Yes Yes
Matrix (Screenshot) M4ST3RW1LL .ds2skin Yes Yes Yes
Nebula (Screenshot) RocketSurgery/viz .ds2skin Yes Yes Yes Yes
NeonGreen (Screenshot) VatoLoco .ds2skin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
pipboy3k2 (Screenshot) Alfadir .ds2skin Yes Yes Yes
Purple Nebula (Screenshot) jurassicplayer .ds2skin Yes Yes
Silver (Redux) (Screenshot) coattails .ds2skin Yes Yes Yes
Spectrobes:Origins (Screenshot) Inkaflare .ds2skin Yes Yes
Tron (Screenshot) VatoLoco .ds2skin Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Blade Works (Screenshot) dhjohn .ds2skin Yes Yes Yes Yes
Windows 7 (Screenshot) alfadir .ds2skin Yes Yes Yes Yes
Windows 7 - Deluxe (Screenshot) Shikeishuu/Alfadir .ds2skin Yes Yes

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Information - Skin Files - External Links - Editing Wikipage FAQ - Credits

Wikipage Editing

When editing please use the following template format:



  • skinname= - The name of the skin e.g. 'Abstract Blue'
  • screen= - Path to a suitable screenshot of the skin
  • author= - The name of the skin maker
  • link= - Path to the '.ds2skin' download
  • plugin=, eos=, loading=, gba=, snes=,rtm= and/or ireader= - Type in anything (preferably 'Yes' or 'No') if the pack contains skin file for that particular skin

You MUST include all parts of the template - but you do not have to enter anything after the '=' if you have no information about it.

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