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The Supercard teams history began with the production of the first Supercard CF. Through higher demand, the SC Team then made the second version, the same size as a GBA cartridge. This was then followed by the most popular version of the Supercard series, the Supercard SD. Further revisions created the Supercard Mini-SD version, which is the same size as a standard GBA cartridge. This allowed the Supercard to be completely inserted into the Original DS system. After the release of the DS Lite, the Supercard Lite was created. This, much like the SC Mini-SD, prevented the cart from being exposed from the outside of the DS lite.

Often referred to as the "cheapest" or lowest end of the DS back up kits, Supercard flashcarts are known for their low price, and unfortunately lack of consistent updates. (In comparison to other companies such as: G6 Team and M3 )

The latest Supercard Team flashcart, the Supercard DS Oneis the first slot 1 flashcart made by the Supercard team.

Supercard Versions

Version 1 of the Supercard CF
Version 2 of the Supercard CF

Supercard CF (Compact Flash) Slot 2

Supercard CF Review

The SuperCard SD

Supercard SD (Secure Digital) Slot 2

Supercard SD Review

Supercard Mini SD (Mini SD) Slot 2

Supercard Mini SD Review

Supercard Mini SD Rumble

Supercard Lite (Micro SD) Slot 2

Supercard Lite Rumble Version Review

SuperCard Lite
SupeCard Lite Rumble

Supercard Rumble Versions Slot 2

SuperCard SD Rumble version Review

Supercard Lite Rumble Version Review

Further Links:

Official Supercard Website.

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Supercard Forum

SCDEV: A Major Supercard Developer forum An unofficial supercard site. Mirrors firmware/software downloads when the official site gets overloaded, and also occasionaly releases dat files that fix games before the official ones come out.