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GBATemp Homebrew Bounty

Switch homebrew bounty 2018

The Switch Homebrew Bounty 2018 has been span over 4 months, each month covered a different category.

Bounty announcement thread.

Project status 
new: New project released in the bounty time frame.
update: Existing project released before the bounty time frame. Important changes or major version update required to be accepted.

Category 1 - Computer tools

Category 1 announcement thread

  • Submission Starts: October 6th 2018
  • Submission End: November 6th 2018

Title Description Author Status Result
pythac/Pyswitch descr author New
hacpack descr author update, accepted?
hacpack gui descr author update, accepted?
NES Online Game AutoInjector descr. Entry added while v3.0 was already available. Now at v3.5, is there enough improvement for the bounty? author update, accepted?
libcross2d descr author New