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This page references useful websites related to the Nintendo Switch homebrew and hacking which can't be part of other categories. They are neither homebrew running on the console, not application running on computer, but are as much important and therefore deserve their own category.

Switch Homebrew Information

  • Switchbrew. General Switch homebrew and hacking information.
  • Yellows8' Update Reports for all Nintendo's consoles. Display latest released firmware version, and detailed updated files for each new release.


Switch hacking guides

Homebrew setup

These websites generates ready to use full packages for your SD card, usually based on your answers and requirements.

DNS filtering

  • 90DNS. Blocks ALL Nintendo's websites, including non Switch update related websites.
  • Switchbru DNS. Blocks update servers only.

Console content edition

Finding Homebrew

Homebrew App store

Homebrew nightly release

Homebrew Requesting

Using your Switch homebrew


  • Super Lan Play. Website/discord central HUB to manage groups and play online using Switch-LAN-Play sysmodule.
  • Nintendo SwitchTube. Website to watch youtube on your Switch. (sill working?)


Homebrew Development

Development guides

Development website