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This list has issues. Games that don't run fine, it says runs fine. The DSTWO is almost the perfect DS flash card and it is the best. But it's not perfect because it doesn't properly emulate some of the most popular GBA games like Advance Wars (which is by far the biggest draw to the DSTWO, playing slot-2 games without a slot-2 device or console). There also seems to be zero chance of these games or the emulator ever being patched. Why come so close to perfection, only to leave a job half finished when the community would be willing to update the emulators for free?

Anyway, readers of this list needs to be aware that although it is a great list, it is not very comprehensive or accurate, and it doesn't get updated very often anymore. There should be a note at the top of this list that informs the reader of this. I do love the list, which is why I care enough to even write this. LoggerMan 21:06, 14 June 2012 (CST)