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This is a question, not about translation, but about playing the Horse Machine. I was translating some of the text for it when I saw that there were grades available for each of the 4 lessons, and also a message that says, "good job!" I never thought that there was an end to that game, but these bits of text suggest that there is. Truthfully, I haven't been able to keep the top speed for very long, and maybe I need to do so to get to the "ending." But before I drive myself crazy trying to do so, can anyone confirm that there is or isn't an "ending" for this toy? It doesn't appear in the walkthroughs I've looked at. --S3v3nx3 11:46, 14 November 2007 (CET)

  • <- Can you go any faster than that :P? What bits of text specifically are you referring to? I can see the ones you mentioned about the lessons, but these are obviously for the quick tutorial before you start properly. --Dirtie 12:05, 14 November 2007 (CET)

>Wow, I guess I wasn't going at top speed--I've never seen the moon before. Anyway, I'm referring to these parts:

0005C58C 8CC50508

OK! おつかれさま!

OK! Good job! 0005C5A4 A4C50508

レッスン1が イマイチ。

Lesson 1 is so-so. 0005C5C0 C0C50508

レッスン1は バッチリ!

Lesson 1 was right on! 0005C5DC DCC50508

レッスン2が イマイチ。

Lesson 2 is so-so. 0005C5F8 F8C50508

レッスン2は バッチリ!

Lesson 1 is right on! 0005C614 14C60508

レッスン3が イマイチ。

Lesson 3 is so-so. 0005C630 30C60508

レッスン3は バッチリ!

Lesson 3 is right on! 0005C64C 4CC60508

レッスン4が イマイチ。

Lesson 4 is so-so. 0005C668 68C60508

レッスン4は バッチリ!

Lesson 4 is right on!

...which look like evaluations of each of the 4 lessons. But I've never actually seen these appear in the game. Maybe I'm missing/forgetting something, or maybe this portion of the game was done away with and they never bothered to delete the text.--S3v3nx3 16:40, 14 November 2007 (CET)

  • It's very possible they're used elsewhere, or just not used in the end like you said. I'll keep an eye out anyway. Oh by the way, the .b, .d, etc things are just control codes, you can safely ignore them (the Bon Odori song has some as well but they look a bit different) --Dirtie 09:57, 15 November 2007 (CET)