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Ambox notice.png {{{text}}}
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This is the basic Template for Image Message Boxes. Normally, this template isn't used directly on a page, but is implemented by other Templates instead.

You should only use this template on Image pages. Use Template:Mbox (or the correct *mbox) on other pages.

It is recommended to base your Templates on Template:Mbox instead of this template.


  • color = The color of the border, default = dodgerBlue.
  • background = Background color of the box, default = #F8EABA.
  • width = The width of the box, default = 80%
  • image = The image to use (can be entered with or without preceding Image:), default = Image:Ambox_notice.png.
  • imagewidth = To change the width of the Image.
  • text = The text to appear in the box.

Example Usage

|color = red
|background = #EEE
|image = Image:Warning.png
|imagewidth = 40px
|text = WARNING: This is just an example!

This produces:

Warning.png WARNING: This is just an example!

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