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<onlyinclude>style="background:skyblue; color:black;" class="table-opt" | {{{1|Optional}}}</onlyinclude>
<onlyinclude>class="ct-minor table-opt" | {{{1|Optional}}}</onlyinclude>

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class="ct-minor table-opt" | Optional

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These templates are designed to be used in a table to make a cell with text in that cell, with an appropriately colored background. They are commonly used in comparison tables.

For example, {{yes}} makes a cell with a green background; the text in the cell is taken from the template parameters and defaults to "Yes".

If you find a table cell template that does not take a parameter and you want to be able to change the text in the cell, do not duplicate the template; instead, edit the template and change the text to a default parameter substitution. For example, if a template's text is Dropped, change that to {{{1|Dropped}}}.

Templates in this series

Templates Preview 1 Preview 2
table-yes {{yes}}, {{yes|Alternate text}} Yes Alternate text
table-partial {{partial}}, {{partial|Alternate text}} Partial Alternate text
table-no {{no}}, {{no|Alternate text}} No Alternate text
table-opt {{opt}}, {{opt|Alternate text}} Optional Alternate text
table-unknown {{dunno}}, {{unk}}  ??? Unknown
table-na {{n/a}}, {{BLACK}} N/A N/A

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