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{| class="collapsible collapsed" style="width:{{{w|50%}}}; background:{{{bc|#FAFAFA}}}; border:1px solid #006"
{| class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style="width:{{{width|50%}}}; background:{{{background|#FAFAFA}}}; border:1px solid {{{border|#006}}}"
!style="background:{{{fc|#E9E9E9}}}; padding:3px;"| {{{title|Warning: Spoiler Inside}}}
!style="background:{{{foreground|#E9E9E9}}}; padding:3px;"| {{{title|Warning: Spoiler Inside}}}

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Warning: Spoiler Inside
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This template allows you to add Spoiler tags in Wiki pages. Note that the contents will only be hidden once the page is fully loaded.


Basic version:

{{Spoiler|Contents of spoiler}}

Advanced options:

  • width - Change the width
  • foreground - Change the color of the Title box
  • background - Change color of contents
  • title - Change the title





Browser Compatibility

Javascript must be enabled for this template to work.

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