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Tempmas is a yearly event held on GBAtemp to celebrate Christmas and similar holidays. During Tempmas, various competitions are hold where members can win prizes. The type of competition and prizes vary from year to year. Usually, there are multiple competitions, spread over multiple weeks. All prizes are sponsored by GBAtemp itself or an external sponsor.

Past competitions


A mini-competition was held every day from December 2 up to the 25th[1][2]. Prizes increased in value with every competition, starting with a NDS screen protector[3], and ending with a Nintendo DSi console[2].


In this year, four separate competitions were held simultaneously[4]:

  • Graphic Competition: Draw a GBAtemp styled Santa Claus, or dress up as one and provide pictures.
  • Music Competition: Compose a GBAtemp themed song, with the lyrics including the word GBAtemp somewhere.
  • Video Competition: Record a video related to Christmas. The video should contain the GBAtemp name and logo.
  • Poem/writing Competition: Write a letter to Santa Claus, explaining why you have been good and deserve a prize. Should include the word GBAtemp.

People were allowed to enter in multiple competitions, though an original entry was needed for each on. For example; lyrics used in the music compo could not be used for the poem compo, etc.

The prizes for each competition are a Nintendo DS Lite + Flashcart (1st place), an M3i Zero + 4GB SD card (2nd-5th) and a DS(i) case or R4i adapter (6th-10th). Due to sponsor problems, GBAtemp was forced to pay for most of these prizes by itself[5].


There was only a single competition this year[6], which was a treasure hunt across the internet. In order to get a prize, people had to follow a set of clues that would eventually bring them to a hidden page on GBAtemp. However, not soon after, people started distributing guides on how to perform the hunt. This was combated by spreading false clues/guides, and changing the pages that needed to be visited. The old pages were changed to honeypots which led to disqualification.

The first prize for the competition was a Nintendo 3DS console, which was not yet released at the time[7]. The runner up prizes were 30 R4i Gold cards.





Still ongoing


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