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TheStump's entry for the How much do you love GBAtemp? competition.

Link to flash game


Ok when playing this game keep in mind these things;
-The PreLoader doesnt show percentage [file aprox 9MB]
-This is the very first game i have made in flash
-This is the second time i have used flash
-The job was rushed due to deadlines and i have to start uni again soon
-My PC is dying every 30 mins so it took me like 10x the amout of 
time it would have taken a flash noob to do anything

also, every animation was made in adobe Adobe Illustrator CS2 and photoshop as a .gif then coverted to the whole flash project.
This is the only way i know how to animate ATM so beware 56k's.
Also i regret not mentioning the audio artist from individually though 
i had such a hard time tracking every name down. again i appoligise.