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Then back to A Gay Little Cat Boy
Then back to A Gay Little Cat Boy
Age: 18
'''Age:''' 18
Date of Birth: 08/09/91
'''Date of Birth:''' 08/09/91
Real first name: Lynn
'''Real first name:''' Lynn
Other first name: Nolan
'''Other first name:''' Nolan
Rest of the names are kept classified for legal reasons.
''Rest of the names are kept classified for legal reasons.''
Sexuality: Gay
'''Sexuality:''' Gay
Race: Mutt
'''Race:''' Mutt

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A Gay Little Cat Boy Formally known as: The Pink Cat boy Then back to A Gay Little Cat Boy

Age: 18 Date of Birth: 08/09/91 Real first name: Lynn Other first name: Nolan Rest of the names are kept classified for legal reasons. Sexuality: Gay Race: Mutt

Too lazy, just copying my blog for now now My name is Nolan, well it could be Lynn too, no one really knows. There has always been controversy and confusion behind my name and it's way too long for me to ever get into or even understand to be quite honest with you guys. Still I am 18 years old and in case it wasn't very obvious I am gay. I have always been that way and I always get the same questions about that "Have you always been gay?" "Are you proud to be gay?" "How can you not like girls?!?" In short Yes, yes, simple I don't. So getting all that out of the way, I am also a gamer, I have been playing video games since I was maybe 4 or 5 and my first ever video game was Yoshi's Island, which has always been since that day my all time favorite game, I play it countless times, yet still can only get worlds 1-3 perfect 100%s. All these years and still haven't gotten the game perfect, almost laughable really. I am also an anime fan, I have a crap load of anime I love, some just way unexpected like Excel Saga and Puni Puni Poemy. I guess me being an amine fan isn't too shocking since I declared myself "The Cat Boy", which isn't linked to Loveless because I freaking hate Loveless. No the cat boy really is one of my hard to explain things. More or less it started when I first discovered yaoi and it was a cat boy picture. Since that day I just loved cat boys and pretty much declared myself to be a cat boy. In relationships, I was horrible dating girls, I tried to date girls because it was the "normal"thing to do, but I failed at that, badly. I could never kiss or really do anything. I felt more like being with girls was just abnormal to me and was just wrong. In the end most of my girl friends ended up cheating on me or breaking up with me because I either didn't want to do anything with them or just spent way too much time with my guy friends. I grew older I came to realize that I could never be with a girl because I felt no emotional nor physical attraction to them, which I assume you need at least one of them. I had always loved being around guys way more and always loved being close to guys. So about 10th grade I stopped trying to be with the norm and came out. I did end up getting a lot of shit for it. Ended up getting into fights defending myself, ended up being picked on, and really just got a lot of shit from people because I came out in the worst town ever to be gay in. All and all 10th grade was horrible for me, a lot of shit happened in my life, a lot of bad boy friends and a crap load of bad decisions and nearly lost a very beloved friend thanks to his bad decisions. I still wish what happened never did happen, we wouldn't be in the crap we are in now and I wouldn't miss him so much. I really don't want to get into details with that one, it's a memory best left forgotten. Right now I am an 18 year old boy, almost out of high school and going to be fresh into college in the fall at the nice age of 19, I look 15 or 16 though and that makes it very hard to get into R movies, buy R movies, or buy M video games. I am studying in law to one day become a lawyer. For now I am still studying to get my damn licenses >.< procrastination can only get me so far in life. There isn't really much more to say about me, well other than the fact that I hate to argue or really debate on the Internet, I just feel it's so weak and not something worth my time, no one ever wins, other people intrude and in most cases the arguments just turn into flame wars, no one can ever hold a solid argument without flaming nowadays and I stand accused of it myself, which is why I just said "Fuck it, if you want to argue either send it to me in a PM or wait for a mod to delete the posts." The next thing really being that my spelling and or grammar is shit, that is because I don't alway ware my glasses like I short and I have a slight learning disability, so I just make do with spell check and google. The cat boy is dyslexic.