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The Catboy

  • The Catboy (AKA A Gay Little Cat Boy, Pink Cat Boy, A Gay Little Catboy)
  • Date of Birth: 08/09/1991
  • Sexual orientation: Homosexual
  • Relationship: Taken by his boyfriend Michael
  • Political views: Pirate Party
  • Religion: LaVeyan Satanism

Brief history

The Catboy is a persona created by Nolan. The name is based on a failed never been released web comic called "PWN'D" which would feature the characters Nekonolan and Chibi Chris as they went on an epic adventure through this new world that just appeared one day in the middle of their town. Due to complications with the artist and school the comic never got much further than one comic strip that has been lost for many years now. The name nekonolan was later changed to "The Gay Boy Bunny" or just "Bunny" for another failed web comic called "The Adventures of Sleeve Man and The Gay Boy Bunny." This comic never got farther than the name before it was dropped for lack of an artist. From there the name was later merged with Nekonolan and became "A Gay Little Catboy," this later becoming a common screen name for The Catboy.

Discovering GBATemp

Around late June of his Sophomore year in High school, The Catboy bought a Games n Music from his local WalMart. Not knowing much about it did a Google search to find out it was called a "Flashcard" and that flashcards commonly play NDS roms. Not knowing much about that, he started searching to see if the Game n Music could do the same. The Catboy found a thread on GBAtemp that both disappointed and interested him. He started searching through this new found site trying to find out as much information as he can before he went out and bought a new flashcard that could play NDS Roms. From there he found his M3 Real.

Joining GBATemp

The Catboy spent close to a year just being a guest on the site and collecting updates for the M3 Real. Then on September 12, 2009, 3 games were dumped. The release of Pokemon SoulSilver, HeartGold, and Mario & Luigi : Bowser's Inside Story all on the same day. GBATemp was flooded bad enough that they shut down the site to all guests. So on that day, The Catboy joined GBATemp.

The rise of The Catboy

The Catboy joined mostly to be a demanding pokenoob who only wanted updates and to post when an update wasn't being made fast enough. From there he was planning on just coming on every so often to see how things were going with updates. After a few weeks of being a pokenoob he started to actually like being part of the site and started enjoying the forums more and more every day. As his enjoyment for the site grew, so did willingness to help the site. He started small by making a few tutorials and posting what little knowledge he had about flashcards. After a few months of being active he had enough information tools to create a new thread for the "M3 Tri-Boot" (now know as the M3 Quad-Boot.) This thread getting mixed results, but ultimately became the major reason The Catboy has stayed active. From there The Catboy began branching out and posting in other sections and even ended up win a contest which resulted in him getting a Supercard DSOnei. Which from that card he has since bought an R4, Acekard 2i, Supercard DSTwo, and an R4i Gold. Which has allowed him to be active in more sections of the site.

Time away from GBATemp

On September 24th, 2011, The Catboy and his boyfriend Michael moved from Massachusetts to Indiana and had to move in with Michael's mom till they found jobs and their place. Sadly Michael's mom didn't have internet nor did she want to pay for it because she didn't use it. This made it very hard for them to find jobs or really even look for a new place to live. This also meant that The Catboy was no longer going to be able to get on GBATemp as often as he used to. The good part about this was for several long periods of time The Catboy was able to spend time with Michael and his friends. As well had time to do some real soul searching to see what was a real value in his life. He began researching religion and politics, trying to get a full understanding of them. The rest of his time was occupied with video games and planning a future web video show, which they are still in the works.

Returning to GBATemp and new Administrator of FileTrip

On January 30th 2012, The Catboy received a private message from Costello asking if he could talk to him. On February 8th 2012, Costello gave The Catboy a job offer to work for FileTrip after finding out the trouble he was having after my move. Obviously in need of a job, he took the job. On March 3rd, The Catboy and Micheal went to Micheal's aunt and uncle's to house sit well his uncle was away for surgery. That night they applied to get their internet turned on. On March 10th, The Catboy officially had Comcast cable Internet as well took his spot as Admin of FileTrip.

The Catboy now

As recently The Catboy has made a return and is back to being an active member of the site again. He is still finishing all of his off-line projects.

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