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Basic Info


tinymonkeyt is also known as tiny, bgirltiny, tinyt, pervert, etc. She flys high. no lie. you know this. Ballin'


Tiny isnt a very active member of any school sports or academic team. But at home, she loves to play the guitar (electric). She also yearns to breakdance, but is still in the process of learning. She wishes to breakdance with the b-boy crew at her school someday (unlikely, but she can dream, can't she?) Another gift she has is the ability for poetry. She may not be very good, but her poems come from the heart and help her express her true feelings. Here is one that she wrote for greeting a newcomer competition;

why, hello there
now dont be shy
nothing to fear
no reason to cry
we welcome you with open arms
into the GBAtemp family
we hope you enjoy your stay
it'll be fun: this we guarantee
this place is huge
so many places to explore
but dont worry
ill take you on a gbatemp tour
first off the ds discussions
the place of ds expertise
and also the gba sp and the wii
just dont post rom links please
news can be found here
with all the releases and firmware updates
in addition we have other gaming news
submitted by your fellow mates
there's a few other forums
like for the psp
computers and xbox
and other oldies
now to the fun part
the center of all things
you'll be surprised
at the laughter it brings
the general off topic chat
is the place to be
to talk about ponies and dragons
and hacking CT
the playful brother
of the GOTC
the edge of the forum
is very crazy
random talks that make you laugh
still be aware, of the lurking staff
dont forget about the blogs
where you can pour out your heart
and then onto the graphics center
to share all of your art
now you have experienced
a little bit of this and that
but if you want to talk some more
please visit our chat
even though
ive forgotten a few
i dont want to spoil
the joy of being new!

Miscellaneous Info

Tiny loves to meet people and although she is shy around people she doesnt know, she is extremely outgoing and obnoxious (in a good way) around those she does know. She takes the time to get to know new people and is always excited to make new friends. She is also very inventive and likes to build new things.

GBAtemp in her life

Tiny first came on the the GBAtemp forums while questioning the difference between certain flashcarts for the DS. She knew of a few, and wanted to find out which was the best for her (the cyclo :]). After asking a few questions, she found the place to be extremely interesting and fun, and so she stayed, beginning her adventures of GBAtemp. She enjoys the company, news, update information, and overall people of GBAtemp. even to a point of addiction. Most times she neglects her homework and duties to stay on and scan the boards (thats why she asks for suspensions at times). GBAtemp is another world for her; the fantasy of gaming galore.


...TV shows

(tiny enjoys action-adventure-y shows as well as mushy love romances and a few medical dramas)

-avatar the last airbender
-grey's anatomy
-The Office
-kyle xy
-kim possible
-jimmy neutron
-teen titans


(tiny likes dramas as well as exciting fast paced shows. and animated movies. and a few comedies)

-Cars, Over the Hedge, Finding Nemo, the Incredibles, ratatouille, WALL-E
-Get Smart
-Mean Girls
-National Treasurer
-Cinderella Story
-The Prestige


tiny loves the color blue, brown, and red (those are the colors of her wardrobe coincidentally)