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Welcome to my Wiki page. This little slice of GBAtemp is mine.


When I first found GBAtemp, I had just gotten into flash cards for the Nintendo DS. My first post was asking for advice on how to create a tiled play map for a Final Fantasy Tactics like game. Which I never started, but I still want to do. So slowly but surely I got involved with the community, and I wrote stories for the community as well. They didn't take off though. I soon started helping others with their problems in the blogs, helping in the Wii section, etc. Soon after, I seemed to make a couple enemies one of which I have reconciled with and I do think he's a pretty cool guy. I mostly always see eye to eye with the mods, and I do my part to keep the forum clean. I have been known by several different names here at GBAtemp (Sterl500, Argentum Vir, Sterling), but the one I am the most comfortable with is this name.

Community Dabblings

I have written several stories in the past year or so. One was briefly entitled "Late Night Story". Another was "The Endless Dream". Both are not finished, but I have posted some finished stories from another forum that has a dedicated story forum.

I also created the GBAtemp Writers' Guild. [1] At the time of writing is very small, but continues to grow.


I want to be a computer networking specialist. However, it's not going very fast. So in my spare time I write a bit. As a writer, I like action scenes. So I am very descriptive when it comes to such things. Currently I am trying to hone my style to become more than a Action Oriented writer.