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I was is born in 1998 from South Korea and has contributed to many wikis. I am spamming and vandalizing wikis since 2007. We have a mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, cat and two children. ᰿

Personal Information

  • Name: Tae-Wong SEO
  • Born in 1998, South Korea.
  • Font Copycat which steals other people's font designs.

Registered accounts

  • Facebook (As a bard; see Nick Riddle's post for more info.)
  • Gmail (Mail address is seotaewong40, the other is seotaewong41 – ask for this mail address to be expired.)
  • Hotmail (Taewongnew)
  • Twitter
  • Yahoo (Mail address is seotaewong40, mapping to – Korea, Republic of)
  • YouTube

Banned, locked, non-activated and suspended places (in alphabetical order)

  • Amaterasu Translations (Your ban is expired. A forum account can be used to post topics.)
  • Battle for Wesnoth, The (An open-source strategy game for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, OS/2 and more)
  • Curse Minecraft Forum (Your ban will never expire.)
  • DOS ain't dead (Your ban will never expire.)
  • (Your ban will never expire.)
  • GBATemp Forum – TaeWong and TaeWongNew (Your ban will never expire.)
  • GnuCash-User (Community Support Mailing List of GnuCash) – Gmail account only
  • Hitler Parody Wiki (Your ban is expired.)
  • Launchpad (William Grant/wgrant has suspended taewongnew and seotaewong40.)
  • MobyGames Forum (Your first ban is for 7 days: posting nonsense and your second ban is for over 1000 days.)
  • Mozilla Wiki: See Persons that blocked one or more users.
  • Python issue tracker (Login permissions removed with request from some committer which has access to the Python code.)
  • Resident Evil Modding Forum (Your ban will expire.)
  • Secret Maryo Chronicles Forum (Your ban will never expire.)
  • Super Tux Mailing List (Gmail account only.)
  • Super Tux Wiki (386sky, Elgazin, Franck Aguila, JValtone: abbreviation for Jonne Valtonen: a Finnish music composer and orchestrator, Kissable King, Maksim, Newtest, Old Square Wheels: appears on some credits video with Movie Maker, Seotaewong, Tae new 123, Taewong123 and the following developers working for Bicycle Casino, a collection of casino games: Patrick Bradshaw and Joey McBurnett: appears on credits of Bicycle Casino. Your bans are expired.)
  • SuprBay (What's a ban evasion?)
  • The Daily WTF (Deactivated with request from a forum administrator.)
  • The Nexus Forums (Posting nonsense in unrelated topics)
  • The Spriter's Resource Community (Your ban will never expire.)
  • Typophile: like a banned spammer, banned with request from some moderator of a forum!
  • VirtualBox Forum (Your ban will never expire.)
  • VOGONS (Former account: gmailtae only.)
  • Wayback Machine – Tae Wong Tester, Taewong (How do you unlock all of your locked accounts?)
  • Wikipedia – 386sky, Thisisatestpick and other users that were assigned to the spam address which he uses.

Persons that blocked one or more users from several other places.

Please sort the list in alphabetical order by last name.

  • Wolfgang Becker from the SuperTux development team blocked the following users: Tae new123 and Taewong123. These users are abusing another accounts. He has designed levels for SuperTux, ...
  • Ryan Flegel from the SuperTux development team blocked the following users: Newtest (Nonsense), Testusername and 2 IP addresses. He has programmed SuperTux.
  • Gervase Markham has disabled your Mozilla's Bugzilla account without an expiry date for “Repeatedly making inaccurate statements will not modify reality and somehow turn them into facts.”. See bug 594788, comment #44 for details.
  • Reed Loden blocked Taewong from Mozilla Wiki.
  • Frank Mehnert from Oracle Germany has unsubscribed you from the VirtualBox Development Mailing List (vbox-dev).
  • Arvid Norlander from the SuperTux development team blocked the following users: 386sky (Spamming), Franck Aguila (Vandalism), Alphamariox (Spamming), Bjxzl (Spamming), Patrick Bradshaw (from Compulsive Development: Vandalism), Elgazin (False Information), JValtone (Vandalism), Kissable King (Spamming), Maksim (Spamming), Matthexunite (Spamming), Joey McBurnett (from Compulsive Development: Vandalism), Old Square Wheels (Vandalism), Seotaewong (Same address as 386sky) and Verob (Nonsense). He translated SuperTux to Swedish and programmed SuperTux.