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A useful app that allows you to 'scrub' away the garbage data of Wii ISOs and in most cases drastically reduces the size of the ISO. However this is not just for smaller storage, the ISOs still work on the Wii AFTER being compressed. The project is still in development. Latest version is v1.30.

All credits go to Dack for making this program, and how to use it.


It allows you to:

1. Open up the Wii iso's and extract individual files from them.

2. Change the iso so that unused areas are overwritten with 0xFFs. This has the effect of then making the ISO much more compressable (depending on the size of the game content).


You need:

  1. You will need a copy of the ubiquitous "key.bin" in the same directory.
  2. You should not need to install any extra runtime files.
  3. A descrambled wii iso
  4. Plenty of disc space
  5. A fair bit of time.


1. How to use:

  • Copy the key.bin file to the same directory as the exe.
  • Load the software.
  • Load the ISO file by clicking on the 'load iso' button
  • What the program is doing appears in the bottom window
  • Disc filelist appears in the top window as a standard treelist
  • Name of game and size of the data on the disc appears in top right

2. How to extract files:

  • Only one at a time at present
  • In the treelist click on a file to select
  • Right click the mouse button
  • Select 'Save' from the popup menu
  • The fields on the filename shown are: name, partition, Offset into decrypted file, Filesize

3. How to scrub the disc:

  • Click on the clean and save button
  • This creates a copy of the loaded ISO with the same name but (compress) appended to the name before the .ISO part (so SPM.ISO would become SPM(compress).ISO).
  • You still need 4.5 Gig of storage at this point but can specify which ddrive etc. to save it on
  • Compressing this image should give you a figure close to the size of data detailed earlier



  1. Way of scrubbing changed slightly so that the sector crypto header is left unchanged. This makes it a bit more difficult to detect but lessens the compressability.
  2. Disc Filename display corrected so titles like MoH2 show correctly ;)


  1. Key file now only needs to be in the same directory as the program
  2. A progress bar with cancel option when you start scrubbing
  3. appended file name changed to (compress) to avoid confusion
  4. Clickable URL of gbatemp in about box.

v1.1 Beta

  1. Allowed for construction of DIF files to recreate original ISO image
  2. Fix to allow for correct decode of Mario Kart third partition
  3. Option of using version 1.0 or 1.0a scrubbing


  1. Allows for Trucha Signer style operations on ISOs as the load function is now implemented
  2. Data was marked as used that wasn't in reality. This means more data is scrubbed (approx 100Meg)


  1. Fixes two bugs in 1.2 for when files are replaced using the load function


  1. Allows a lot more disc manipulation.
  2. Much faster file replacement


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