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(Amended Gottlieb Pinball Classics figure, was out by 9MB :))
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!Game||Region||Scrubber Version||Scrubber Value
!Game||Region||Scrubber Version||Scrubber Value
{{Scrub|Asterix At The Olympic Games|PAL|1.0a|3791 MB}}
{{Scrub|Asterix At The Olympic Games|PAL|1.0a|3791 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Agatha Christie And Then There Were None|PAL|1.0a|2944 MB}}
{{Scrub|Agatha Christie And Then There Were None|PAL|1.0a|2944 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Alan Hansen's Sports Challenge|PAL|1.0a|946 MB}}
{{Scrub|Alan Hansen's Sports Challenge|PAL|1.0a|946 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Alien Syndrome|PAL|1.0a|1688 MB}}
{{Scrub|Alien Syndrome|PAL|1.0a|1688 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Alvin And The Chipmunks|PAL|1.0a|2418 MB}}
{{Scrub|Alvin And The Chipmunks|PAL|1.0a|2418 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Avatar The Burning Earth|PAL|1.0a|2798 MB}}
{{Scrub|Avatar The Burning Earth|PAL|1.0a|2798 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Battalion Wars 2|PAL|1.0a|2948 MB}}
{{Scrub|Battalion Wars 2|PAL|1.0a|2948 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Bee Movie: The Game|PAL|1.0a|4215 MB}}
{{Scrub|Bee Movie: The Game|PAL|1.0a|4215 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Ben 10: Protector Of Earth|PAL|1.0a|3224 MB}}
{{Scrub|Ben 10: Protector Of Earth|PAL|1.0a|3224 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Big Brain Academy|PAL|1.0a|1414 MB}}
{{Scrub|Big Brain Academy|PAL|1.0a|1414 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Bleach: Shattered Blade|NTSC|1.0a|1620 MB (Submitted By blitz7287)}}
{{Scrub|Bleach: Shattered Blade|NTSC|1.0a|1620 MB|blitz7287}}
{{Scrub|Bleach: Shiraha Kirameku Rinbukyoko |JPN|1.0a|2421 MB (Submitted By blitz7287)}}
{{Scrub|Bleach: Shiraha Kirameku Rinbukyoko |JPN|1.0a|2421 MB|blitz7287}}
{{Scrub|Bomberman Land|NTSC|1.0a|1761 MB (Submitted By MrKill)}}
{{Scrub|Bomberman Land|NTSC|1.0a|1761 MB|MrKill}}
{{Scrub|Bust A Move|PAL|1.0a|578 MB}}
{{Scrub|Bust A Move|PAL|1.0a|578 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Call Of Duty 3|PAL|1.0a|3722 MB}}
{{Scrub|Call Of Duty 3|PAL|1.0a|3722 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Carnival Games|NTSC|1.0a|599 MB}}
{{Scrub|Carnival Games|NTSC|1.0a|599 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Carnival Games|PAL|1.0a|1415 MB (submitted By hOTzENpLOTz)}}
{{Scrub|Carnival Games|PAL|1.0a|1415 MB|hOTzENpLOTz}}
{{Scrub|Catz|PAL|1.0a|1365 MB}}
{{Scrub|Catz|PAL|1.0a|1365 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Cheggerz Party Quiz|PAL|1.0a|990 MB}}
{{Scrub|Cheggerz Party Quiz|PAL|1.0a|990 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Cocoto Magic Circus|PAL|1.0a|870 MB}}
{{Scrub|Cocoto Magic Circus|PAL|1.0a|870 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Cooking Mama|PAL|1.0a|2353 MB}}
{{Scrub|Cooking Mama|PAL|1.0a|2353 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Cranium Kabookii|NTSC|1.0a|1688 MB}}
{{Scrub|Cranium Kabookii|NTSC|1.0a|1688 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Crash Of The Titans|PAL|1.0a|3461 MB}}
{{Scrub|Crash Of The Titans|PAL|1.0a|3461 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|CSI: Hard Evidence|(NON SCENE) NTSC|1.0a|1780 MB (Submitted By oldskool75)}}
{{Scrub|CSI: Hard Evidence|(NON SCENE) NTSC|1.0a|1780 MB|oldskool75}}
{{Scrub|Dave Mirra BMX Challenge|NTSC|1.0a|664 MB}}
{{Scrub|Dave Mirra BMX Challenge|NTSC|1.0a|664 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Densha De GO Shinkansen EX Sanyou Shinkansen Hen |JPN|1.0a|1798 MB CONFIRMED WORKING Wiikey 1.9g PAL (Submitted By blitz7287)}}
{{Scrub|Densha De GO Shinkansen EX Sanyou Shinkansen Hen |JPN|1.0a|1798 MB CONFIRMED WORKING Wiikey 1.9g PAL|blitz7287}}
{{Scrub|Dewy's Adventure|PAL|1.0a|2649 MB}}
{{Scrub|Dewy's Adventure|PAL|1.0a|2649 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey|NTSC|1.0a|1316 MB (Submitted By1337Nemo)}}
{{Scrub|Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey|NTSC|1.0a|1316 MB|By1337Nemo}}
{{Scrub|Donkey Kong Jet Race|PAL|1.0a|1104 MB}}
{{Scrub|Donkey Kong Jet Race|PAL|1.0a|1104 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Dragonball Z Budokai Tankaichi 3|PAL|1.0a|3574 MB}}
{{Scrub|Dragonball Z Budokai Tankaichi 3|PAL|1.0a|3574 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Dragon Blade Wrath Of Fire|PAL|1.0a|2571 MB}}
{{Scrub|Dragon Blade Wrath Of Fire|PAL|1.0a|2571 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Driver: Parallel Lines|PAL|1.0a|4150 MB (Submitted By hanndn)}}
{{Scrub|Driver: Parallel Lines|PAL|1.0a|4150 MB|hanndn}}
{{Scrub|EA Playground|NTSC|1.0a|671 MB}}
{{Scrub|EA Playground|NTSC|1.0a|671 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Eledees|PAL|1.0a|3295 MB}}
{{Scrub|Eledees|PAL|1.0a|3295 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Endless Ocean|PAL|1.0a|1149 MB (submitted By hOTzENpLOTz)}}
{{Scrub|Endless Ocean|PAL|1.0a|1149 MB|hOTzENpLOTz}}
{{Scrub|Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer|PAL|1.0a|4051 MB}}
{{Scrub|Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer|PAL|1.0a|4051 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|FIFA 08|PAL|1.0a|4133 MB}}
{{Scrub|FIFA 08|PAL|1.0a|4133 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn|NTSC|1.0a|3225 MB}}
{{Scrub|Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn|NTSC|1.0a|3225 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn|PAL|1.0a|3247 MB (Submitted By blitz7287)}}
{{Scrub|Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn|PAL|1.0a|3247 MB|blitz7287}}
{{Scrub|Game Party|PAL|1.0a|609 MB}}
{{Scrub|Game Party|PAL|1.0a|609 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Geometry Wars Galaxies|NTSC|1.0a|613 MB}}
{{Scrub|Geometry Wars Galaxies|NTSC|1.0a|613 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Ghost Squad|PAL|1.0a|1290 MB}}
{{Scrub|Ghost Squad|PAL|1.0a|1290 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Godzilla Unleashed|PAL|1.0a|2040 MB (Submitted By Drone)}}
{{Scrub|Godzilla Unleashed|PAL|1.0a|2040 MB|Drone}}
{{Scrub|Gottlieb Pinball Classics|PAL|1.0a|639 MB CONFIRMED WORKING (Submitted By speccy)}}
{{Scrub|Gottlieb Pinball Classics|PAL|1.0a|639 MB CONFIRMED WORKING|speccy}}
{{Scrub|Guitar Hero III|PAL|1.0a|4171 MB}}
{{Scrub|Guitar Hero III|PAL|1.0a|4171 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Harry Potter And The Order Of The Pheonix|PAL|1.0a|2429 MB}}
{{Scrub|Harry Potter And The Order Of The Pheonix|PAL|1.0a|2429 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law|NTSC|1.0a|2423 MB (submitted By cattivo)}}
{{Scrub|Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law|NTSC|1.0a|2423 MB|cattivo}}
{{Scrub|Heatseeker|PAL|1.0a|3707 MB}}
{{Scrub|Heatseeker|PAL|1.0a|3707 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Hot Wheels Beat That!|NTSC|1.0a|709 MB}}
{{Scrub|Hot Wheels Beat That!|NTSC|1.0a|709 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Jenga|NTSC|1.0a|547 MB}}
{{Scrub|Jenga|NTSC|1.0a|547 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|King Of Clubs|PAL|1.0a|1792 MB (Submitted By Drone)}}
{{Scrub|King Of Clubs|PAL|1.0a|1792 MB|Drone}}
{{Scrub|Kororinpa|PAL|1.0a|514 MB (Submitted By blitz7287)}}
{{Scrub|Kororinpa|PAL|1.0a|514 MB|blitz7}}
{{Scrub|LEGO Star Wars: Complete Saga|PAL|1.0a|3345 MB}}
{{Scrub|LEGO Star Wars: Complete Saga|PAL|1.0a|3345 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Link's Crossbow Training|PAL|1.0a|490 MB}}
{{Scrub|Link's Crossbow Training|PAL|1.0a|490 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Looney Tunes ACME Arsenal|NTSC|1.0a|3879 MB}}
{{Scrub|Looney Tunes ACME Arsenal|NTSC|1.0a|3879 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Madden NFL 08|PAL|1.0a|2041 MB}}
{{Scrub|Madden NFL 08|PAL|1.0a|2041 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Manhunt 2|NTSC|1.0a|3686 MB}}
{{Scrub|Manhunt 2|NTSC|1.0a|3686 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Manhunt 2|PAL|1.0a|3686 MB (Submitted By blitz7287)}}
{{Scrub|Manhunt 2|PAL|1.0a|3686 MB|blitz7287}}
{{Scrub|Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games|NTSC|1.0a|2389 MB}}
{{Scrub|Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games|NTSC|1.0a|2389 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Mario Party 8|PAL|1.0a|3552 MB}}
{{Scrub|Mario Party 8|PAL|1.0a|3552 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Mario Strikers Charged|PAL|1.0a|2087 MB}}
{{Scrub|Mario Strikers Charged|PAL|1.0a|2087 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Medal Of Honor Heroes 2|NTSC|1.0a|1948 MB (submitted By Elfkin)}}
{{Scrub|Medal Of Honor Heroes 2|NTSC|1.0a|1948 MB|Elfkin}}
{{Scrub|Medal Of Honor Heroes 2|PAL (ENGLISH ONLY)|1.0a|1965 MB}}
{{Scrub|Medal Of Honor Heroes 2|PAL (ENGLISH ONLY)|1.0a|1965 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Medal Of Honor Heroes 2|(MULTI 4) PAL|1.0a|2730 MB (Submitted By hanndn)}}
{{Scrub|Medal Of Honor Heroes 2|(MULTI 4) PAL|1.0a|2730 MB|hanndn}}
{{Scrub|Mercury Meltdown Revolution|PAL|1.0a|1965 MB}}
{{Scrub|Mercury Meltdown Revolution|PAL|1.0a|1965 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Metal Slug Anthology|NTSC|1.0a|1815 MB (submitted By mooerman87)}}
{{Scrub|Metal Slug Anthology|NTSC|1.0a|1815 MB|mooerman87}}
{{Scrub|Metroid Prime 3: Corruption|PAL|1.0a|4309 MB}}
{{Scrub|Metroid Prime 3: Corruption|PAL|1.0a|4309 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Monster Trux Arenas|PAL|1.0a|512 MB}}
{{Scrub|Monster Trux Arenas|PAL|1.0a|512 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Mortal Kombat Armageddon|PAL|1.0a|4180 MB}}
{{Scrub|Mortal Kombat Armageddon|PAL|1.0a|4180 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|My French Coach|PAL|1.0a|2248 MB}}
{{Scrub|My French Coach|PAL|1.0a|2248 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|MySims|PAL|1.0a|3057 MB}}
{{Scrub|MySims|PAL|1.0a|3057 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|My Spanish Coach|PAL|1.0a|2248 MB}}
{{Scrub|My Spanish Coach|PAL|1.0a|2248 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|My Word Coach|PAL|1.0a|2636 MB}}
{{Scrub|My Word Coach|PAL|1.0a|2636 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|NBA Live 08|NTSC|1.0a|3512 MB}}
{{Scrub|NBA Live 08|NTSC|1.0a|3512 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Need For Speed: Pro Street|PAL|1.0a|3032 MB}}
{{Scrub|Need For Speed: Pro Street|PAL|1.0a|3032 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Need For Speed: Pro Street|PAL (IT/SPA)|1.0a|3920 MB}}
{{Scrub|Need For Speed: Pro Street|PAL (IT/SPA)|1.0a|3920 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Nicktoons Attack Of The Toybots|NTSC|1.0a|1465 MB}}
{{Scrub|Nicktoons Attack Of The Toybots|NTSC|1.0a|1465 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|NiGHTS Journey Of Dreams |JPN|1.0a|4347 MB}}
{{Scrub|NiGHTS Journey Of Dreams |JPN|1.0a|4347 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Ninjabread Man|PAL|(Wii_Wizard)|1.0a|322 MB (submitted By itscooltohate)}}
{{Scrub|Ninjabread Man|PAL|(Wii_Wizard)|1.0a|322 MB|itscooltohate}}
{{Scrub|Nitrobike|NTSC|1.0a|1092 MB (Submitted By MrKill)}}
{{Scrub|Nitrobike|NTSC|1.0a|1092 MB|MrKill}}
{{Scrub|No More Heroes|NTSC|1.0a|3606 MB (Submitted By Elfkin)}}
{{Scrub|No More Heroes|NTSC|1.0a|3606 MB|Elfkin}}
{{Scrub|PDC World Championship Darts 2008|PAL|1.0a|652 MB}}
{{Scrub|PDC World Championship Darts 2008|PAL|1.0a|652 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End|PAL|1.0a|2191 MB}}
{{Scrub|Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End|PAL|1.0a|2191 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Pokémon Battle Revolution|PAL|1.0a|1414 MB}}
{{Scrub|Pokémon Battle Revolution|PAL|1.0a|1414 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Prince Of Persia: Rival Swords|PAL|1.0a|2512 MB}}
{{Scrub|Prince Of Persia: Rival Swords|PAL|1.0a|2512 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Puzzle Quest: Challenge Of The Warlords|PAL|1.0a|4347 MB}}
{{Scrub|Puzzle Quest: Challenge Of The Warlords|PAL|1.0a|4347 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Ratatouille|PAL|1.0a|1596 MB}}
{{Scrub|Ratatouille|PAL|1.0a|1596 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Rayman Raving Rabbids|PAL|1.0a|1965 MB}}
{{Scrub|Rayman Raving Rabbids|PAL|1.0a|1965 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Rayman Raving Rabbids 2|PAL|1.0a|4232 MB}}
{{Scrub|Rayman Raving Rabbids 2|PAL|1.0a|4232 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition|PAL|1.0a|4437 MB}}
{{Scrub|Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition|PAL|1.0a|4437 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles|NTSC|1.0a|4226 MB}}
{{Scrub|Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles|NTSC|1.0a|4226 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Rig Racer 2|PAL|1.0a|512 MB}}
{{Scrub|Rig Racer 2|PAL|1.0a|512 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis|PAL|1.0a|3992 MB}}
{{Scrub|Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis|PAL|1.0a|3992 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Scarface The World Is Yours|PAL|1.0a|4229 MB}}
{{Scrub|Scarface The World Is Yours|PAL|1.0a|4229 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|SD Gundam Scad Hammers |JPN|1.0a|897 MB (Submitted By sp1r1t0fc4t)}}
{{Scrub|SD Gundam Scad Hammers |JPN|1.0a|897 MB|sp1r1t0fc4t}}
{{Scrub|Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure|PAL|1.0a|544 MB}}
{{Scrub|Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure|PAL|1.0a|544 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Smarty Pants|PAL|1.0a|414 MB}}
{{Scrub|Smarty Pants|PAL|1.0a|414 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Sonic And The Secret Rings|PAL|1.0a|3784 MB}}
{{Scrub|Sonic And The Secret Rings|PAL|1.0a|3784 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Sonic Riders Zero Gravity|PAL|1.0a|3894 MB}}
{{Scrub|Sonic Riders Zero Gravity|PAL|1.0a|3894 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Spider-man: Friend Or Foe|NTSC|1.0a|3571 MB}}
{{Scrub|Spider-man: Friend Or Foe|NTSC|1.0a|3571 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Spyro Eternal Night|NTSC|1.0a|4296 MB}}
{{Scrub|Spyro Eternal Night|NTSC|1.0a|4296 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|SSX Blur|PAL|1.0a|1306 MB}}
{{Scrub|SSX Blur|PAL|1.0a|1306 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Super Mario Galaxy|PAL|1.0a|3632 MB}}
{{Scrub|Super Mario Galaxy|PAL|1.0a|3632 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz|?|1.0a|1327 MB (Submitted By hanndn)}}
{{Scrub|Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz|?|1.0a|1327 MB|hanndn}}
{{Scrub|Super Paper Mario|NTSC|1.0a|652 MB}}
{{Scrub|Super Paper Mario|NTSC|1.0a|652 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Super Paper Mario|PAL|1.0|617 MB}}
{{Scrub|Super Paper Mario|PAL|1.0|617 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Tell Addicts|PAL|1.0a|2748 MB}}
{{Scrub|Tell Addicts|PAL|1.0a|2748 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|The Bigs|NTSC|1.0a|2725 MB}}
{{Scrub|The Bigs|NTSC|1.0a|2725 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|The Golden Compass|PAL|1.0a|3846 MB}}
{{Scrub|The Golden Compass|PAL|1.0a|3846 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess|PAL|1.0a|1348 MB}}
{{Scrub|The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess|PAL|1.0a|1348 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|The Simpsons Game|PAL|1.0a|2905 MB}}
{{Scrub|The Simpsons Game|PAL|1.0a|2905 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|The Sims 2: Castaway|PAL|1.0a|1475 MB}}
{{Scrub|The Sims 2: Castaway|PAL|1.0a|1475 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|The Sims 2: Pets|PAL|1.0a|1349 MB}}
{{Scrub|The Sims 2: Pets|PAL|1.0a|1349 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Thrillville Off The Rails|PAL|1.0a|4347 MB}}
{{Scrub|Thrillville Off The Rails|PAL|1.0a|4347 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Tiger Woods 2008|PAL|1.0a|3116 MB}}
{{Scrub|Tiger Woods 2008|PAL|1.0a|3116 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Tomb Raider Anniversary|PAL|1.0a|3418 MB}}
{{Scrub|Tomb Raider Anniversary|PAL|1.0a|3418 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Tony Hawk's Proving Ground|PAL|1.0a|2883 MB}}
{{Scrub|Tony Hawk's Proving Ground|PAL|1.0a|2883 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Transformers The Game|NTSC|1.0a|1973 MB}}
{{Scrub|Transformers The Game|NTSC|1.0a|1973 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Trauma Center: Second Opinion|PAL|1.0a|1594 MB}}
{{Scrub|Trauma Center: Second Opinion|PAL|1.0a|1594 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Ultimate Board Game Collection|NTSC|1.0a|363 MB}}
{{Scrub|Ultimate Board Game Collection|NTSC|1.0a|363 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|WarioWare: Smooth Moves|PAL|1.0a|3581 MB}}
{{Scrub|WarioWare: Smooth Moves|PAL|1.0a|3581 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Who Wants To Be A Millionaire|PAL|1.0a|1207 MB}}
{{Scrub|Who Wants To Be A Millionaire|PAL|1.0a|1207 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Wii Chess|PAL|1.0a|327 MB (Submitted By go185)}}
{{Scrub|Wii Chess|PAL|1.0a|327 MB|go185}}
{{Scrub|Wii Family Ski |JPN|1.0a|664 MB CONFIRMED WORKING Wiikey 1.9g PAL (Submitted By blitz7287)}}
{{Scrub|Wii Family Ski |JPN|1.0a|664 MB CONFIRMED WORKING Wiikey 1.9g PAL|blitz7287}}
{{Scrub|Wii Play|PAL|1.0a|223 MB (Submitted By Paultje118)}}
{{Scrub|Wii Play|PAL|1.0a|223 MB|Paultje118}}
{{Scrub|Winter Sports 2008: The Ultimate Challenge|PAL|1.0a|1491 MB}}
{{Scrub|Winter Sports 2008: The Ultimate Challenge|PAL|1.0a|1491 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|WWE: Smackdown Vs RAW 2008|PAL|1.0a|3770 MB}}
{{Scrub|WWE: Smackdown Vs RAW 2008|PAL|1.0a|3770 MB|Flawsdraw}}
{{Scrub|Zack & Wiki: Quest For Barbaros Treasure|NTSC|1.0a|2237 MB}}
{{Scrub|Zack & Wiki: Quest For Barbaros Treasure|NTSC|1.0a|2237 MB|Flawsdraw}}

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This is a resource to list all the games that have been scrubbed by WiiScrubber and to show their approximate scrubbed size. This list is still expanding, so feel free to add to it if you want. Make sure it is in the right order.

Note: The games without a user submission note were submitted by Flawsdraw. Please give all credit to Dack for creating this tool and Flawsdraw for creating the list and his contribution.

The List

Game Region Scrubber Version Scrubber Value
Asterix At The Olympic Games PAL 1.0a 3791 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Agatha Christie And Then There Were None PAL 1.0a 2944 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Alan Hansen's Sports Challenge PAL 1.0a 946 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Alien Syndrome PAL 1.0a 1688 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Alvin And The Chipmunks PAL 1.0a 2418 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Avatar The Burning Earth PAL 1.0a 2798 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Battalion Wars 2 PAL 1.0a 2948 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Bee Movie: The Game PAL 1.0a 4215 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Ben 10: Protector Of Earth PAL 1.0a 3224 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Big Brain Academy PAL 1.0a 1414 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Bleach: Shattered Blade NTSC 1.0a 1620 MB blitz7287 {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Bleach: Shiraha Kirameku Rinbukyoko JPN 1.0a 2421 MB blitz7287 {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Bomberman Land NTSC 1.0a 1761 MB MrKill {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Bust A Move PAL 1.0a 578 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Call Of Duty 3 PAL 1.0a 3722 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Carnival Games NTSC 1.0a 599 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Carnival Games PAL 1.0a 1415 MB hOTzENpLOTz {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Catz PAL 1.0a 1365 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Cheggerz Party Quiz PAL 1.0a 990 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Cocoto Magic Circus PAL 1.0a 870 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Cooking Mama PAL 1.0a 2353 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Cranium Kabookii NTSC 1.0a 1688 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Crash Of The Titans PAL 1.0a 3461 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
CSI: Hard Evidence (NON SCENE) NTSC 1.0a 1780 MB oldskool75 {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Dave Mirra BMX Challenge NTSC 1.0a 664 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Densha De GO Shinkansen EX Sanyou Shinkansen Hen JPN 1.0a 1798 MB CONFIRMED WORKING Wiikey 1.9g PAL blitz7287 {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Dewy's Adventure PAL 1.0a 2649 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey NTSC 1.0a 1316 MB By1337Nemo {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Donkey Kong Jet Race PAL 1.0a 1104 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Dragonball Z Budokai Tankaichi 3 PAL 1.0a 3574 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Dragon Blade Wrath Of Fire PAL 1.0a 2571 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Driver: Parallel Lines PAL 1.0a 4150 MB hanndn {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
EA Playground NTSC 1.0a 671 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Eledees PAL 1.0a 3295 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Endless Ocean PAL 1.0a 1149 MB hOTzENpLOTz {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer PAL 1.0a 4051 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
FIFA 08 PAL 1.0a 4133 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn NTSC 1.0a 3225 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn PAL 1.0a 3247 MB blitz7287 {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Game Party PAL 1.0a 609 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Geometry Wars Galaxies NTSC 1.0a 613 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Ghost Squad PAL 1.0a 1290 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Godzilla Unleashed PAL 1.0a 2040 MB Drone {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Gottlieb Pinball Classics PAL 1.0a 639 MB CONFIRMED WORKING speccy {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Guitar Hero III PAL 1.0a 4171 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Harry Potter And The Order Of The Pheonix PAL 1.0a 2429 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law NTSC 1.0a 2423 MB cattivo {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Heatseeker PAL 1.0a 3707 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Hot Wheels Beat That! NTSC 1.0a 709 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Jenga NTSC 1.0a 547 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
King Of Clubs PAL 1.0a 1792 MB Drone {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Kororinpa PAL 1.0a 514 MB blitz7 {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
LEGO Star Wars: Complete Saga PAL 1.0a 3345 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Link's Crossbow Training PAL 1.0a 490 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Looney Tunes ACME Arsenal NTSC 1.0a 3879 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Madden NFL 08 PAL 1.0a 2041 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Manhunt 2 NTSC 1.0a 3686 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Manhunt 2 PAL 1.0a 3686 MB blitz7287 {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games NTSC 1.0a 2389 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Mario Party 8 PAL 1.0a 3552 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Mario Strikers Charged PAL 1.0a 2087 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Medal Of Honor Heroes 2 NTSC 1.0a 1948 MB Elfkin {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Medal Of Honor Heroes 2 PAL (ENGLISH ONLY) 1.0a 1965 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Medal Of Honor Heroes 2 (MULTI 4) PAL 1.0a 2730 MB hanndn {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Mercury Meltdown Revolution PAL 1.0a 1965 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Metal Slug Anthology NTSC 1.0a 1815 MB mooerman87 {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption PAL 1.0a 4309 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Monster Trux Arenas PAL 1.0a 512 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Mortal Kombat Armageddon PAL 1.0a 4180 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
My French Coach PAL 1.0a 2248 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
MySims PAL 1.0a 3057 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
My Spanish Coach PAL 1.0a 2248 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
My Word Coach PAL 1.0a 2636 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
NBA Live 08 NTSC 1.0a 3512 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Need For Speed: Pro Street PAL 1.0a 3032 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Need For Speed: Pro Street PAL (IT/SPA) 1.0a 3920 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Nicktoons Attack Of The Toybots NTSC 1.0a 1465 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
NiGHTS Journey Of Dreams JPN 1.0a 4347 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Ninjabread Man PAL (Wii_Wizard) 1.0a 322 MB itscooltohate {{{7}}}
Nitrobike NTSC 1.0a 1092 MB MrKill {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
No More Heroes NTSC 1.0a 3606 MB Elfkin {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
PDC World Championship Darts 2008 PAL 1.0a 652 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End PAL 1.0a 2191 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Pokémon Battle Revolution PAL 1.0a 1414 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Prince Of Persia: Rival Swords PAL 1.0a 2512 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Puzzle Quest: Challenge Of The Warlords PAL 1.0a 4347 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Ratatouille PAL 1.0a 1596 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Rayman Raving Rabbids PAL 1.0a 1965 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 PAL 1.0a 4232 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition PAL 1.0a 4437 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles NTSC 1.0a 4226 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Rig Racer 2 PAL 1.0a 512 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis PAL 1.0a 3992 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Scarface The World Is Yours PAL 1.0a 4229 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
SD Gundam Scad Hammers JPN 1.0a 897 MB sp1r1t0fc4t {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure PAL 1.0a 544 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Smarty Pants PAL 1.0a 414 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Sonic And The Secret Rings PAL 1.0a 3784 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Sonic Riders Zero Gravity PAL 1.0a 3894 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Spider-man: Friend Or Foe NTSC 1.0a 3571 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Spyro Eternal Night NTSC 1.0a 4296 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
SSX Blur PAL 1.0a 1306 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Super Mario Galaxy PAL 1.0a 3632 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz ? 1.0a 1327 MB hanndn {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Super Paper Mario NTSC 1.0a 652 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Super Paper Mario PAL 1.0 617 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Tell Addicts PAL 1.0a 2748 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
The Bigs NTSC 1.0a 2725 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
The Golden Compass PAL 1.0a 3846 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess PAL 1.0a 1348 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
The Simpsons Game PAL 1.0a 2905 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
The Sims 2: Castaway PAL 1.0a 1475 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
The Sims 2: Pets PAL 1.0a 1349 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Thrillville Off The Rails PAL 1.0a 4347 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Tiger Woods 2008 PAL 1.0a 3116 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Tomb Raider Anniversary PAL 1.0a 3418 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground PAL 1.0a 2883 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Transformers The Game NTSC 1.0a 1973 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Trauma Center: Second Opinion PAL 1.0a 1594 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Ultimate Board Game Collection NTSC 1.0a 363 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
WarioWare: Smooth Moves PAL 1.0a 3581 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire PAL 1.0a 1207 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Wii Chess PAL 1.0a 327 MB go185 {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Wii Family Ski JPN 1.0a 664 MB CONFIRMED WORKING Wiikey 1.9g PAL blitz7287 {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Wii Play PAL 1.0a 223 MB Paultje118 {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Winter Sports 2008: The Ultimate Challenge PAL 1.0a 1491 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
WWE: Smackdown Vs RAW 2008 PAL 1.0a 3770 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}
Zack & Wiki: Quest For Barbaros Treasure NTSC 1.0a 2237 MB Flawsdraw {{{6}}} {{{7}}}