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Using the same method as the current "partially region free" modchips, there are several computer applications which can replicate the effect on Wii ISO's prior to burning. They all use a very similar method of patching and compatibility should be identical between the applications and the modchips - consequentially this list can be used for both modchips and software patching methods (until these methods change).

There may be errors in the list simply due to misreported information or as a result of media problems. You are free to add to the list and correct any mistakes you might see.

For a list of Gamecube games that are compatible with modded Wiis, check here the Gamecube Compatibility List.

Question --- What abouth 480P ??? <-- Should act the same as 60hz in PAL, and same in NTSC.


Patcher Comparison
Name Windows Linux Mac GUI Command Line Open Source Language Latest Version
RegionFrii Yes Via wine Via CrossOver Yes Yes No C/Delphi 1.21
WiigionFree Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (GPL 2) Java 1.0
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Update with concepts of technical terms.

  • ISO: Disc (CD or DVD) image
  • Bricking: When a Wii stops working after it tries to update its firmware with a different region firmware, or if it can't update, hence becoming as useful and entertaining as a brick.

See also: GBAtemp Glossary