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Wiip! is an open-source modchip that can be purchased prebuilt for $20 or you can build it yourself. Wiip! is developed by the good folks over at TCNiSO, and uses the OpenWii ATtiny firmware.

Allows you to boot backup discs. This mod works by utilizing a cheap and simple microcontroller that communicates with the serial port of the Wii's hybrid DVD drive and overrides certain parts of the media's data stream. Allowing you to do all sorts of wonderful things (like boot backup discs).

The most important part of this project, is that it is fully open source! In addition to releasing the Wiip chip, TCNiSO has also developed a PCB design and provided schematics, as well as Wiip firmware binaries and documentation! We hope by creating this project, other users will make modifications to our code for newer updates in the future (if needed).


Wiip was the third modchip released for the Wii. The first production run boards where shipped in a limited quantity on Febuary 28, 2007. These early modchips were not programmed and required that the enduser do so. Main stream production of the chip took place mid March of 2007. As of April 30th, over 500 modchips have been produced and sold.

Another technical achievement of Wiip was that it was the first modchip to be able to be upgraded by the enduser. While another earlier modchip promised DVD upgradability, it was not actually accomplished until nearly three months after that modchip was released.

In addition developing both the firmware and PCB design for the Wiip chip TCNiSO also manufactures and sells the chips near cost with the aide of Team Xecuter. One of the reasons the Wiip project was started was to hinder other modchip makers from making gross profits. Wiip was priced at $20, more than half the price of other modchips on the market.

Firmware Updates

Wiip! uses the OpenWii firmware and source can be downloaded from the OpenWii forums here


As of firmware revision 2.01, Wiip's features are:

  • DMS / D2A / D2B compatible
  • DVD-R/-RW/+R/+RW compatible
  • DVD Speed Fix
  • Run Wii / Gamecube backups
  • Region Free (Partially)
  • Setup Disc operational with or without Gamecube controller
  • Includes LPT (Parallel) upgrade cable
  • 10 MHz AVR microcontroller with 2KB of EEPROM (SMD type)
  • Customizable (via open source code)
  • Boots Wii games (DVD+R / DVD-R media)
  • Boots GC games and homebrew (version 1.1+)
  • On board DIP switch (enable/disable mod, enable/disable stealth)
  • Works on DMS, D2A and D2B chipsets!
  • Supports PAL/JAP/NTSC games!
  • Diagnostic LED (slow blink = running, fast blink = booting backup)


The Wiip was originally developed on the Atmel AT90S microcontroller. As of version 1.3 the code as been expanded to also support the Atmel ATTINY microcontroller as well. In addition to the source code the PCB schematics are also available from TCNiSO.

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