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This is a small overview of the different user groups available on WikiTemp.

Note that people can have multiple groups at the same time (not anonymous users).

For a full list of everything a group can do, see Special:UserGroupRights.

Anonymous Users

Not actually a group, but rather not having a group at all. Users without an account belong in this group. Their IP is publicly shown when they make edits on the wiki.


This is where all people with an account belong. Users have additional rights over people without an account, like leaving your IP private when editing, and the ability to change preferences.

Autoconfirmed Users

Users will automatically land in this group after they have been here for a small amount of time and have made enough edits. This group allows you to edit semi-protected pages and perform certain other actions.


Trusted users who are able to Rollback edits through a single click.

Forum Staff

People with this group are staff members on the forums and have gotten some additional rights that lets them manage the wiki without needing Sysop rights.


Sysops (System operators, sometimes called Administrators) have some additional rights over normal users in order to keep the Wiki clean from spam/vandalism/... They can protect pages, delete pages, block users, ...

This group must be given to you by a bureaucrat.


Bureaucrats are able to edit other users' groups. They can promote registered users to the other user groups. They can also check the IP addresses of users that are logged in.

This group must be given to you by (another) bureaucrat.


Bots are automated users who do predefined tasks on the wiki. Bot edits are hidden from the recent changes by default.

This group can be given to a bot by a bureaucrat if needed.