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* '''Topic starter''': [[Omero]] ([ Profile])
* '''Topic starter''': [[Omero]] ([ Profile])
* '''Topic start date''': Apr 12 2003, 09:40 PM
* '''Topic start date''': Apr 12 2003, 09:40 PM
* '''Forum''': [[Testing Area]]
* '''Forum''': [[The Edge of the Forum]] (originated in the [[Testing Area]])
* '''Replies''': ~720
* '''Replies''': ~870
* [ Link to topic]
* [ Link to topic]

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Complete this sentence: You know you've been playing too much with your GBA when...


  1. When walking down the road you keep watching at trees looking for berries, to see if the latest pokemon "clock patch" really works... (by Omero)
  2. When you keep wondering when the translation patch will come out for your TV signal so you can understand what's on that manga channel. (by Tempest Stormwind)
  3. When you grab a microwave and start playing it like a GBA. (by Mr.Curlynose1)
  4. When you tell your pet dog to use cut and wonder why it just sits there. (by jumpman17)
  5. When you don't need to pump up the volume on your GBA, because you can easily reproduce EVERY SINGLE *TLING* *TA-DA* *WOOO* sound effect just using your mouth, and the background music as well... stereo of course. (by Omero)