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This page will maintain a list of TitleID used by Homebrew using the NSP format to prevent conflict with other packed homebrew, or even retail games.

Please, help maintaining it and add your own homebrew or any nsp you create to help other developers and users.

You can find retail TitleID for system file and games on switchbrew.

NSP creation for your homebrew

You can use HacBrewPack(Thread), or NSPBuild to create an installable nsp file for your homebrew.

You need a specific makefile for your homebrew in order to build a nsp, or you can generate a forwarder (nro loader) to install on your console.

A Homebrew Forwarder template is provided with HacBrewPack. Replace the path to the nro and the name and TitleID to use for your nsp, and the other parameters if needed.

The nro loader will have the advantage of not needing any update and reinstall when you release a new homebrew revision, it will always load the .nro file on your SD card.

HacBrewPack recommendations

  • Always use lower-case titleid
  • Valid titleid range is: 0x0100000000000000 - 0x01ffffffffffffff

Choosing the titleID

When you create your nsp, you have to edit a setting file (npdm.json) and specify the homebrew's title, its TitleID, etc.

The Switch is using a TitleID protocol, and homebrew are encouraged to follow it too:

  • ALL current Titles for Switch begins with 0100
  • System Titles are all in "010000000000xxxx".
  • Games end with "000".
  • DLCs ends with "0xx" (from 01 - xx)
  • Updates ends with "800"

TitleID generators

You can get an unique TitleID based on your app name by using this Python3 script. It converts 5 ASCII characters to HEX values, and encapsulate in with 01 and 000.

You can generate a random TitleID using this MSDos batch script. It generates random TitleID and encapsulate it with 01 and 000.

Homebrew TitleID List

TitleID Homebrew name Description Link
0104444444444001 HBMenu Loader A forwarder to load sdmc:/hbmenu.nro Thread
0104561737950000 EasyPower A quick reboot utility thread