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This page will attempt to provide a comprehensive guide to which firmware, kernel or system files you need to download for your flashcart. We prioritize updated operating systems over the official and unsupported ones. For example, we would rather direct users to Wood R4 rather than the original R4 system files which haven't been updated for years.

The list should be sorted alphabetically.


[edit] Original Flashcards

[edit] Acekard

[edit] Acekard+

[edit] Acekard RPG

[edit] Acekard 2

[edit] Acekard 2.1

[edit] Acekard 2i

[edit] CycloDS Evolution

[edit] DS Fire Link

[edit] DS Link

[edit] DS-Xtreme

[edit] DSLinker

[edit] DSTT

[edit] DSTTi

[edit] EDGE

[edit] eWin2

[edit] EZ-Flash IV

[edit] EZ-Flash V

[edit] EZ-Flash V+

[edit] EZ-Flash Vi

[edit] G6 DS Real

[edit] G6 Flash

[edit] G6 Lite

[edit] iEDGE

[edit] iPlayer

[edit] iTouch2

[edit] iTouchDS

[edit] M3 DS Real

[edit] M3 Perfect

[edit] M3i Zero

[edit] MK5

[edit] N-Card

[edit] R4 DS

[edit] SuperCard DSONE

[edit] SuperCard DSONE v3

[edit] SuperCard DSONEi

[edit] SuperCard DSTWO

[edit] Clones & Fakes

  • Clone flashcarts are copies of original cards. Example: the M3 Simply is a clone of the original R4 DS. Systems that run on the R4 DS run the same way on the M3 Simply.
  • A fake flashcart is a device that steals the name of an original card, but that is nothing like it. Example: the R4 Upgrade is a fake R4 DS, it is not compatible with any of the system files available for the R4 DS (a fake card uses its own separate system files).
  • A card can be both a clone and a fake. Most fake R4 cards are clones of the Acekard 2i and DSTT.

[edit] DS Fire 2

[edit] DSTT Advance

[edit] DSTT Fakes

[edit] E7

[edit] EDGEi

[edit] Games'N'Music

[edit] GEi DS

[edit] Gold R4i (r4ids.com)

[edit] Hyper R4i

[edit] iSmart Premium

[edit] M3 Adaptador

[edit] M3 Adaptes

[edit] M3 Simply

[edit] M3i SDHC

[edit] M3i Upgrade

[edit] M3l Upgrade

[edit] MARS

[edit] Max Media Player

[edit] N5

[edit] N5i

[edit] NCard II

[edit] ND1

[edit] NinjaDS

[edit] NPlayer

[edit] R4 Advance

[edit] R4 Deluxe

[edit] R4 DSi XL

[edit] R4 i.L.S.

[edit] R4 King

[edit] R4 New

[edit] R4 Plus (r4.ndsl.cc)

[edit] R4 Plus (r4plus.net)

[edit] R4 Pro

[edit] R4 SDHC (r4new.com)

[edit] R4 SDHC (r4sdhc.com)

[edit] R4 SDHC Upgrade

[edit] R4 Team

[edit] R4 Top

[edit] R4 Ultra

[edit] R4 Upgrade (r4-dsl.net)

[edit] R4 II

[edit] R4 III (r4-dsl.net)

[edit] R4 III SDHC

[edit] R4 III Upgrade (r4dsl.net)

[edit] R4 New

[edit] R4 Pro

[edit] R4 v

[edit] R4ds-i

[edit] R4dsixl3d

[edit] R4i (r4i.cn)

[edit] R4i (r4idsn.com)

[edit] R4i (r4ultra.com)

[edit] R4i Advance

[edit] R4i Best

[edit] R4i Blue

Official website: http://www.r4i-blue.com/indexe.html

[edit] R4i Deluxe

[edit] R4i DSHC

[edit] R4i FIFA

[edit] R4i Gold (r4ids.cn)

[edit] R4i Gold (r4i-gold.com)

[edit] R4i Gold (r4i-gold.eu)

[edit] R4i Gold (r4idsxl.com)

[edit] R4i Gold (r4igold.cn)

[edit] R4i II

[edit] R4i NDSill

Green sticker R4i, with the website www.ndsill.net indicated there. English 1.45 firmware (linfox domain): [1] other language firmware also available under the R4i Ndsill www.ndsill.net links Official firmware 1.42 available from original website. 1.43 flasher (upgrade package) for 3DS and DSi 1.4.3 compatibility available there as well. WARNING: I have personally tried the flasher and it bricked my R4i. I'll try getting it to work, but assume that it will brick yours as well. So unless your card was pre-flashed to work on the 3DS, I don't recommend updating, yet. Kernels are fine though, it's the "upgrade package" (illto143.nds) that's not working for me.

EDIT:: I can confirm this also happened to me and i am unable to get it back working (DO NOT UPDATE) I did hear that we can get it working if we use another R4 card but only from one website and i chose to buy another GENUINE card

Also support from ndsill.net is 0%,, i wouldnt buy from them or touch their cards again... Brought by mistake and bad company imo

[edit] R4i NDSiXL 3D

After updating mine it bricked it

[edit] R4i Neo

[edit] R4i Platinum

Official Site

[edit] R4i Pocket

[edit] R4i Pro Upgrade

[edit] R4i Redant

Official Site: [2]

[edit] R4i RTS

[edit] R4i Upgrade (ndsr4i.com)

WEBSITE IS NO MORE.... Firmware can be found here: [3]

[edit] R4i SDHC (r4-v.com)

[edit] R4i SDHC (r4rts.com)

[edit] R4i SDHC Upgrade 1.4

[edit] R4i SDHC Upgrade 1.4.1

[edit] R4i SDHC (r4i-sdhc.com)

[edit] R4i SDHC (r4i-sdhc.com.au)

[edit] R4i SDHC (r4isdhc.com)

[edit] R4i Ultimate

[edit] R4i Yes

[edit] R4iDSXL

[edit] R4ita

[edit] R4itt

[edit] R4X

[edit] Super R4i

[edit] TTi Upgrade

[edit] U2DS

[edit] Ultra Flashpass Ex