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Patrick Thomas Lissaman (born May 28, 1988), best known by his username .TakaM, is a friendly Temper and Pixel Artist.


Early life

Patrick Thomas Lissaman was born May 29, 1988 in Christchurch, New Zealand to Adrienne and Michael Lissaman. He has four older brothers, and a younger sister. He grew up during the Golden age of Gaming and has been playing video games since he was 7 years old.

Internet Life

.TakaM signed up at his first forums early 2002, he quickly adapted to the way things ran and enjoyed interacting with a community with similar interests. This first forum introduced .TakaM to the internet and is now registered at nine forums. Curiously, his role in each forum varies a lot, ranging from a role model to despised.

Personal Life

Patrick was first exposed to Deism at age 14 in his high school, he shortly denounced his Christian faith and adopted the beliefs Deism promoted. He has since finished high school and has few plans for the future, he does however have dreams of becoming a pixel artist for a development team in the gaming industry.

Patrick has many interests, his two main passions are Game Development and Rap Music

Hes' always enjoyed Nintendo's games and software, working for Nintendo is Patrick's ultimate goal, despite how difficult it is to attain such position

And he has always been a Hip Hop Head, and very much admires artists such as Tupac Shakur, Talib Kweli, Mos Def and NaS.

He's always been confronted for his taste in music despite his highly respectable preferences, he's long since accepted mainstream ignorance is something that can't be changed.

Pixel Artistry

.TakaM's avatar is one of his favourite pieces.

Shortly after .TakaM signed up at his first forum, he was introduced to an indie gaming community where he discovered his passion, Pixel Art.

He since spent many years honing his skills and understanding of the medium and is now accepting paying work from commercial and indie developers via his personal website

Meanwhile he is still actively involved in various indie gaming communities and continues to work on his dream game "Twinsen" with his good friend and coder, Jimmy Goode.


Based on the main character from the Little Big Adventure series, Twinsen is in an all new Platforming adventure.

.TakaM spent near a year grabbing inspiration from some of his favourite games and stringing ideas together based around the Legend of Zelda intellectual property, but soon dropped the often milked Zelda IP in favour of the lesser known Twinsen.

After writing up the story and having prepared most of the graphics, .TakaM recruited good friend and coder, Dascu to do the coding for this project, soon after Dascu lost motivation and .TakaM found a new coder and soon to be friend, Jimmy Goode.

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