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Title description


NDS cover 1535.png
NDS icon 1535.png

Name : 1535 - Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Fuuketsu no Grimoire
Language : Japanese
Release Group : 6rz
Filename :
Rom size : 1024Mbit
Save type : Unknown
View nfo : Click here

Publisher : Square Enix
Game genre : Tactical RPG
Wi-Fi : No

Game description

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 is a new episode from Final Fantasy series witch take place in Ivalice world.

[please insert description of the game genre, game place with other Ivalice game (next chapter, other story, etc.)]

Game's help - How to play

Game's help - Translation

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Main menu

Here you will find the translation of the main menu.

Image Identified text Literal translation
Ffta2 title screen.jpg
  • はじめから
  • ロード
  • コンティニュ
  • 交易
  • From the beginning
  • Load
  • Continue
  • Trade, Commerce
Ffta2 game difficulty.jpg
  • ガームのむずかしさ
  • ノーマル
  • ハード
  • Game difficulty
  • Normal
  • Hard

Class and Job

Here you will find the translation of the main character's jobs.

Image Identified text Literal translation
  • スリザーリンクとは・・・・
  • 操作説明
  • チュートリアルのプレイ
  • タイトルヘ
  • 戻る
  • 進む
  • What is Slitherlink...
  • Operation Instructions
  • Play Tutorial
  • Return to title
  • Back
  • Next