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| image      = 3dshb_3DSController.png
| image      = 3dshb_3DSController.png
| type        = utility
| type        = utility
| author      = [[User:CTurt|CTurt]]
| author      = CTurt
| contributor =  
| contributor =  
| version    = 0.6
| version    = 0.6

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3DS Controller
3dshb 3DSController.png
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3DS Controler is a homebrew application that lets you use a Nintendo 3DS as a controller for Windows computers.



For setting up the main homebrew executable, read how to launch 3DS homebrew.

If you want to use the circle pad as a joystick, first install vjoystick.

Copy the file 3DS/3DSController.ini to the root of the 3DS SD card. Change the line IP: to the IP address of your computer (in the form 192.168.?.?). You can use 3DSController.exe to get this IP address.

If all goes right, the 3DS will show a black screen. You may try opening an application like Notepad and pressing buttons on the 3DS to see if it works.


L+R+X - Open/Close keyboard



3DS Client:

   Backlight disabled when not in use (less battery consumption),
   New 3DS buttons and C Stick support,

PC Server:

   DLL errors fixed,
   Updated vJoy to latest version (fixes Windows 10 compatibility),
   Screenshot code scrapped
   2 separate JoySticks can be configured,
   8 additional JoyStick buttons supported,


  • Updated for latest ctrulib compatibility,
  • Updated README to link to a compatible version of vJoy,
  • Fixed the "Tap" control to only fire when the keyboard is not active,
  • Added support for mapping buttons to the vJoy joypad as well as to keyboard keys (fixes support for programs like Dolphin), use by mapping a key to "JOY1", "JOY2", "JOY3", up to "JOY8",


  • Keyboard support! Press L, R, and X to toggle it
  • Warn you if your Wireless is turned off when you boot the application
  • Improved threshold calculation when using circle pad to move mouse
  • Setting Mouse Speed to 0 when using touch screen to move mouse sets mouse to absolute position, rather than relative to last position
  • The Tap event is fired when the touch screen is released, rather than when it is first press
  • Other misc bug fixes


  • Default port changed to 8889 to avoid conflict
  • "Throttle" option in PC's 3DSController.ini, greatly reduces CPU used by application, default setting of 20 reduces CPU usage by over 6 times in my experience
  • Can bind a key to NONE in PC's 3DSController.ini
  • Format of the 3DS's 3DSController.ini file changed to match that of PC's
  • Threshold for circle pad when moving mouse
  • New setting of "Mouse Speed" in PC's 3DSController.ini
  • Corrected Y axis when using touch screen as joystick
  • Fixed support for CLICK and RIGHT CLICK key bindings


  • More graceful error handling towards systems without vJoy
  • More graceful error handling when 3DS can't read 3DSController.ini
  • Z axis on vJoy controller is now in the middle value rather than 0
  • PC application lists your IP addresses to help those unsure of how to find it
  • Custom key bindings support
  • Custom port support
  • Other misc bug fixes


Initial release