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This page lists 3DS Flashcart software's mods.

Gateway 3DS v2.0b2 mod by Normmatt

This mod is used to enable Region free for Retail Cartridges, by disabling the ROM feature in the main "Gateway mode".

This mod can be used without a 3DS Flashcart, only a DS mode flashcart is required to install the NVRAM exploit.

ATTENTION: This mod has since been found dangerous because it's based on v2.0b2 which contains an anti-modification protection from Gateway team which bricks the 3DS console. It will (randomly) brick your 3DS. You CANNOT restore your NAND with a hardware NAND flasher.


Features List

  • Supports 3DS System menu v4.1.0 to v4.5.0
  • Plays retail cartridges
  • Region free
  • EmuNAND support
  • eShop support


  • ROM support: NO
  • Cartridge support: YES (with Gateway mode, EmuNAND Normal and EmuNAND Classic)
  • Region free ROM: N/A
  • Region free Cartridge: YES (with Gateway mode or EmuNAND Normal)
  • Update partition spoofing ROM: N/A
  • Update partition spoofing Cartridge: NO
  • Games SDK5+: N/A
  • Card2 type ROM: N/A
  • Card2 type Cartridge: YES
  • Online ROM: N/A
  • Online Cartridge: YES
  • EmuNAND: YES
  • eShop: YES (EmuNAND System version 7.1.0-14 is required)
  • Latest fully working EmuNAND System version: 7.1.0


Applied on Gateway 3DS v2.0b2

0000FC20: AD 63 43 68 DB EA 16 8C EB 1D DA 8A 3E DD 81 0F
0000FC30: FB 1E
000FFAF4: A6 F3

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