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Start Menu

The Start Menu can be accessed by pressing Start or click on the word "Start" on the touchscreen

Start Menu Options

  • Copy
  • Cut
  • Delete
  • Paste
  • Patches
  • System Options
  • Properties
  • 3in1
  • Cheats
  • Wifi Update
  • Help



Press Start and select 'patches' to change game-patch settings:

  • DS Download Play
  • Soft-Reset (Press L+R+B+A+Down on the D-pad while in a Rom)
  • Autorun (hold down B at startup to cancel autorun)
  • Cheat/Action Replay
  • Select Cheat Database

Game settings can be set individually.


Press Start and select "System options"

System Options

  • Interface Theme (SKINS)
  • Interface Language
    • English
    • S.Chinese
    • T.Chinese
    • 日本文 (Japanese)
    • Francais (French)
    • Italiano (Italian)
    • Deutsch (German)
    • Español (Spanish)
    • Nederlands (Dutch)
  • Brightness (DS lite ONLY)
  • Set file list type (What files show up)
  • Trim ROM when copying
  • TXT viewer
    • "Plugin" is bliss' text viewer, best by default
    • "Internal" is Smiths' text viewer, useful only for small files

Advanced Options

While in "System Options" press the Y button [or click] for Advance Settings, executing this button will save changes made to the 1st level of "System Options."

  • Show Hidden files
  • Rom Name Type
  • Scroll Speed
    • Changes the speed of vertical scrolling in the file list
  • Copy/Cut SAV with ROM
    • Copies/cuts/pastes the .sav (and save slots, if applicable)along with the ROM
  • Delete SAV with ROM
    • Deletes the .sav (and save slots, if applicable) along with the ROM
  • Save Extension
    • Defaults to AceKard's standard ".nds.sav" extension
    • For compatability use ".sav", which is standard amongst other flash carts
      • If you have existing .nds.sav files, you can highlight them and select their "Properties" to enable the "Save Extension" button
      • This button will convert all ".nds.sav" files (including save slots) to ".sav" (and vice-versa) for the title selected.
  • Cheat Scrolling
    • Some people don't like the cheat scrolling, so you can disable it here. Notes will still scroll, however.

FAS1 Options

FAS1 is a Homebrew written by Smiths based off of tftpds (by Sten Larsson and Gustav Munkby). It's for users of older FlashAdvance Pro cartridges who wish to flash programs to their cartridges in Slot-2 from within the AKAIO menu. The menu for FAS1 Options will only function if you have a FlashAdvance Cartridge in Slot-2.

FAS1 Usage

While in Advanced Settings press the Y button for FAS1 options. Enabling "Use Flash Advance Features" will do the following:

  • Set .GBA/.BIN/.SAV files as visible in your file listing
  • Allow you to select a .GBA/.BIN file and flash it to the cartridge in Slot-2 (.BIN = PogoShell)
  • Select a .SAV file to flash to SRAM Bank 1 of the FlashAdvance Cartridge
  • Use the Key Combo L+B+A while highlighting "Slot2 Card" in the root file listing to back up SRAM Bank 1 (backs up to /SAVES/ folder as BANK1.SAV)

Note: The "Use Flash Advance Features" is always set to Disabled upon AKAIO startup.