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This page is a starting point for addressing any game issues you might encounter.

Common Fixes


PLEASE TRY NON-DMA MODE FIRST! This will fix most issues. Press and hold A while the game is loading.

Try the latest AKAIO loader

Also see if there is a new loader available. The latest version may contain fixes that address your concerns

AKAIO loaders

Unzip the file for your cart and place it in the "_aio/loaders" folder on your SD card.

Game Compatibility

Below is a summary of games that have issues and how to resolve them. When adding games please add them in the format "<game number> - <game name>" and the follow it with a description of the problem or how to solve a known issue. Please sort the list numerically.

0591 - Nintendo DS Browser :: "Corrupt Bookmark Data"; don't use DMA mode (Hold A when loading)

2385 - Daigasso Band Brothers DX :: Manually set savegame type to 64M

2660 - Carnival Games :: Use non-DMA mode